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Okay here is one...

12' date='1,1,1,2,1,...,...,...,...

What will be the next 4 numbers?

Here is a hint. Its related to something you look at everyday.[/quote']:D Something i look at everyday is a mirror, so..


the following four numbers would be 1,2,1,1....


hope it is correct :D

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No.. how is it your numbers ? Give reasons.. there might just be multiple answers.

Like i said, something i look at everyday is a mirror, which is what i've seen out of ur hint. So




Boldfaced number is the answer based on the reflection of the mirror. ummm...that may be wrong...:)

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Well here is this one. I dont know if it is scientifically true but most likely it is.

Well just for a good laugh

NASA faced a problem that fountain pens that were used during their space program couldn't be used because of no gravity. So they wasted millions of dollars n two decades to overcome d problem.But Russians solved it in d cheapest way.Guess what.

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Ya. I think it is a old joke and you get a good laugh.



This is a easy one.....


"How can you divide a cake into 8 EQUAL parts with just three slices?"


Cake is a normal cylinderical cake.

Slice it in half from the side (ie. so you now have a top half and a bottom half)

Keep the halves together, and cut the cake into quarters (2 cuts) as usual = 8 slices


hope that makes sense!

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