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"Acting white?"

H W Copeland

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My personal view is that the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons in America are the worst thing that could have happened to black Americans.

I completely agree. As I see it' date=' Jackson [i']et al[/i], for decades, been giving the Blacks heavy doses of "whitey owes you", "whitey discriminates", whitey disenfranchises", "don't emulate whitey", "black republicans are uncle toms"....on and on. I see it as destroying the morale and spirit.


On the other hand, you have Black people like Bill Cosby, Jesse Lee Peterson, Shelby Steele....and more, who want to instill pride, desire, ambition, only to be largely ignored by the MSM and liberal blacks.

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In my opinion, I use to hate black people.


However things changed and my last girlfriend was black, she would say "multicultural" but she was still cute.


Now that only thing that really annoys me is how people become degenerates. Sure, people speak English and act like degenerates in America already, yet it seems that the negro population has a culture mixed with being a degenerate.


The difference here is that there is the average degenerate, and then the degenerate who keeps a culture of being a degenerate or else the probability of succumbing to failure or doom early in life active.


When people keep speaking in double negatives, get pregnant, keep talking about having sex with women in music, then they are building a subculture. I think they need to get rid of this subculture. It's a pointless and unhealthy thing for all people. I don't really remember Run DMC singing to much about drugs, alcohol, and sex being a good thing.


I don't know why people continue to conform to the people around them.. We all already know that the majority of people in America are idiots who can't think for themselves anyways.


I don't mind people being hyper, however I do like the idea of people actually speaking proper English and to stop being sexually active left and right like they are bunnies.


The typical person that needs to be weeded out is the one who won't act American. Even foreigners have a better American attitude than negros who continue to show the bad side of America. It's not about being white, it's about acting as if you are an intelligent human being worth living. Because being a humanist, if you aren't intelligent and doing good in society, I think you need to be destroyed.


In many languages and cultures you've got the sapir-whorf thesis.


Subcultures have slang which effect the way people think which isn't proper.


The culture of people who speak the language the way it was originally inteded to be spoken, or developed to be spoken, actually belive that they are being proper.


I know there is no box, and I know people are going to be idiots. Eh, I hate humans. However, I will say that changing the way you speak into slang will give the personality that you are a dumb, low-class american. Which is a fun disguise so I won't completely dis it :) , but I do believe the actions people take are not going to advance society.


Simply put: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


I ride the city bus enough and went to ghetto schools near the projects, so I know what I'm talking about. Maybe I need some refining, but oh well.


However, if people are being taunted for "being too white" I as a teacher would grab that student, throw them across the hall or just smash their head in. Heh, but I don't want to be a grade school teacher. :) Bad santa basically

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This topic brings up lovely memories. When I moved to a mostly black elementary school in Georgia from Spokane Washington, I experienced a lot of this...
I have similar memories. I was born in Africa (Kisumu). My dad spent weeks on end, sometimes months in the bush. My mother was out each day working as a midwife. As a result, my first languages were Swahili and Kiluhya.


When we moved to this country (UK) in the 60s, they put me a school in the east end of London. It kinda went downhill from there. I had never seen so many white faces, so I automatically oriented towards the few black people there were (I was 5).


The black kids didn't trust the white kids and didn't respond well to being greeted in Swahili. The white kids didn't respond well to a white kid talking to the black kids (especially in Swahili), so, both the black and white kids were hostile and the white kids labelled me 'white nigger'. That followed me through school for 11 years. By the end of my school years, I had made 3 friends.


Now, I have a real hatred of racism, because even then I could see how pointless it is and how flawed is its logic, and I can see how it exists on all sides. It is not a white problem. Racism exists to different degrees in all races. Even in Kenya, the biggest problem at that time was violence between the local Africans and the Asian immigrant shoopkeepers. There were too few whites to matter really.


Things are changing. I can see a real difference, but I think as far as we have come, wherever there are differences (real or percieved), there are going to be problems and this is a function of ignorance, not race. Of all the things people think of as their enemy, ignorance and stupidity is the real problem and as far as I can see, these exist more or less equally among people, regardless of race or religion.

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Of all the things people think of as their enemy, ignorance and stupidity is the real problem and as far as I can see, these exist more or less equally among people, regardless of race or religion.




I would only add poverty to the list. I would agree however that poverty is mostly the result of ignorance and stupidity.


At least in the US.

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