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  1. The Earth is close to being a sphere. If one dug a hole 100 feet deep and stood at the bottom of the hole, would he not, in effect, be inside a sphere? Are you saying that there is no gravity at the bottom of a hole in the ground?
  2. How about failing to keep someone from killing you or others? Wouldn't that weigh on your consience if you failed to do so because of your sense of morality?
  3. Never the less, if he was dead, he would kill no more.....
  4. He certainly does. He may kill another prisoner or a guard or he may be paroled at a future date.
  5. Do you think that is is justifiable to kill in self defense?
  6. I see nothing in this post that refutes the position that if murderers were all executed, there would be less loss of innocent life. But that is not the question...... The question is - as I stated in the post that you quoted - is there a moral equivalency between executing someone for murder and the murder(s) that he committed? For the sake of the discussion, please assume that the executee is in fact guilty as charged.
  7. Don't you think it is possible to establish for a fact that someone was indeed guilty of a murder? Keep in mind, I am not advocating the DP on any willy nilly basis, As a matter of fact, I myself am opposed to the DP, but when one is guilty, one is guilty. Actually what I am looking for is a discussion regarding the moral aspects of executing a murderer.
  8. :D You know, I wondered how long it would take for someone to point out that it was Bush's fault.
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