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1 hour ago, RomanRodinskiy said:

Can you please help me figure out how this toy works? I realized that it is kind of wound up and it, accordingly, spins. But please help me to understand this question in more detail. Perhaps someone has some ideas? I would be very grateful. I would especially appreciate diagrams.

If it is a mechanical toy, it may use the same technology as vintage mechanical clocks.


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It's a top, simple as that. Not clockwork at all.

We had these as kids. They went under the brand name 'whizzers' or some such. This one is decorated as a bug.

The wheels underneath drive an internal vertical-axis flywheel.


You'd get quicker responses to your questions if the title actually gave any clue as to what the topic is about. You seem to give the same title to all your topics, however unrelated.

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