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  1. Tell me, please, what are these space objects. I have an idea that these are black holes, but this answer seems pretty simple. Please also indicate the common feature of these objects.
  2. Please, explain how this toy (https://www.weber-holzspielzeug.de/holzspielzeug-holzspiele/klopfspechte/klopfspecht-rot-blau.html) works through Physics view?
  3. Thank you for your replies. Tell me, please, if it could be Artaclase, Gypsum, Alabaster?
  4. The video shows one of the crystalline allotropic modifications of some non-metal. Make a guess about the non-metal in the video and justify it. 685211885__Trim_Trim.mp4
  5. Thanks guys. It`s not Homework, just some extra Tournaments)
  6. Rocks and minerals undergo interesting transformations over time. In particular, one of the minerals, which has a relatively high hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, turns into a common secondary mineral with a hardness of 2. Over time, as a result of weathering, it turns into one of the most common soft rocks in the world. But the transformation does not end there: humanity (in particular, on the territory of Ukraine) even in ancient times invented how to make the first solid artificial material from it. What kind of minerals, rock and artificial material are these?
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