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Are humans the only creatures in the universe?


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It's quite improbable that humans are the only living creatures in a universe that spans trillions of light years. Probability and the law of recurring patterns must contend that what occurs in one place must occur in another. So if there's humans on earth, there obviously must be humans on mars too.

Then how come we havent met humans from mars?

The answer is simple; light distortion. 

The universe is expanding, and every time that happens, light beams also stretch, or curve. This causes them to change speed which causes a distortion in the time space matrix, like a wormhole. (For according to einstein, where the speed of light is traversed, time distortion occurs.)

The staggering conclusion is that the rest of the universe isnt really what we percieve it to be. 

For example, if we look at planet venus, we don't really see it as a planet inhabited by aliens, even though it is in fact, that. The light distortion presents venus to the human eye as a sort of hellish place with fire and brimstone. 

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