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Why we are alone...2

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The process that produced biological lifeforms on earth (Abiogenesis) remains unknown however we can logically presume  the process was not instantaneous but was incremental in time and subject to the initial available elements and compounds afforded by our solar systems birth which again was subject to the available ingredients of the nebula that produced it ..and that too was the product of the unique galaxy it came from ...

  Prebiotic material's

 So ,as of yet a  undetermined, mixture of various chemical compounds was subject to it's own chemical reactions with each other and physically brought together and kept  apart by physical  mechanisms and circumstance of its enviroment ...radiation ,gravity water etc...Each vital part of the process in cumulative steps on it's way to become biological...! ,..but because it's a unintentional process  and has no pre deterministic abbilty we can view the process from the other end ..from biology to gas,rock,and metal  

It was not prebiotic material until it became Abiogenesis,Abiogenesis could not be Abiogenesis until it produced biology ...

We can can conclude that a despite a  goldilocks exoplanet  ( earth 2) having the similar prebiotic materials at the right times the physical forces of circumstance of its enviroment are unreatable due to the unique process of it's own solar system .

The idea of non biolgical  non carbon  lifeforms immediately hits the problem of what biolgical trait are we to place on a alternative lifeform that dertmines it to be so without that trait been a product of evolved biology ...Intellgence is often quoted as a trait that would determine or define a lifeform but again intellgence is an evolved biological product ! Why not a beer belly or the ability to take a shit ?..a digestive system  is more of a requirement of biology than intellgence is !.The intellgence afforded to humans was reliant on plants evolving into trees as well as other happenings ....our degree of intellgence is not a requirement of biology it's just the same as the Falcons wing or the Hares heart ..they are niched  evolved biological  traits 

It is also said that early biology must be easy to make, as it happened relatively fast so its construction must be somewhat basic  ...fast from what point ? If we use the formation of earth as the starting point...??What would we define as its formation the next bank holiday after it became ball shaped ??? Why would that be considered as the starting point of the process an important one I agree but not as important as the nebula it came from ..there is nothing basic about the first biology  it did all the work   it takes more time and consequence for rock,gas,and metal to become a prokaryotic microbe for the evolved prokaryotic to become a giraffe ! The first biology was far from basic in every way its subsequent evolution into various body models is irelvant because the next evolved biolgical model immediately after the prokaryotic organism is as biolgical as a giraffe is biolgical ! A giraffe can be seen to be a over coveluted body model that achives nothing more than a prokaryotic organism achieves ! 

The process that formed biology can only be a a product of earth its process like any other process in nature  when open to circumstantial pressure  over time can not produce the ' same ' thing twice not just biology twice but the process of biology twice and if it's not biology it's not life  , it's just another  unique chemical reaction in a universe where  uniqueness is the norm rather than the exception ..are we that arrogant to think anything could resemble been  biological without at first been biology.....are we looking for non biolgical flowers or hairy legs or spudders ( cross between a potato and a spider) .. why would a  similar prokaryotic organism if  found on a distant planet have any predeterminstic intent or physical means to become biologicalistic ???? In shape or action ...

Nothing in nature repeats itself to that degree of similarity  it can not happen again the same ...the permutation of circumstantial events in time that could  not shape  chemical compounds into anything resembling biology is un repeatable, we can not use probability without the intersection of intent natural or design of  which  we see no evidence or reason for ...we are alone 🐌

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