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What is Nothing? (split from If I move a box with nothing in it, does the nothing move with it?)

Conscious Energy

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I think, after reading through this thread it appears that some are discussing different levels of nothing and what this means in the context of the situation. 

For example,

Q. What does empty space contain? 

A. Nothing, its empty.

Q. But empty space is full of, well... empty space

A. Yes, but empty space is a state not a thing.

Q. But space is a thing, it can be defined?  

So, you can easily see how the concept of "nothing" and what it actually means in context is as important as what we actually mean by nothing.

In the trues sense of what nothing means is exactly what it describes - no thing, so anything that can be regarded as something, is by definition not nothing. (that was a mind twisting sentence). 

Doesn't matter whether its matter, energy or information if its describable as a thing then its not nothing. Then as we delve deeper into the semantics and contradictions associated with such. You could for example, consider nothing as a "state" but then this could be considered a contradiction, since a state is something, its a description. 

The way I personally try to conceptualise nothing in the true sense of the word, is to consider nothing as the absence of everything; space, time matter energy, information,  consciousness, life, sprit, god, meaning, thought...  


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