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Is time travel really possible? Does the reincarnation exist? How many dimensions does the universe have? Are there any invisible imaginary beings?

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Is time travel really possible? Does the time exist?

  • What we call time is actually a periodic counting system. When we count from 1 to 60 at certain intervals, we call it 1 minute. Time is something human made up. Time in the universe is zero. So there is no such thing as time in the universe. For this reason, it is not possible for time to go backwards or forwards. The assumptions made, such as time travel or twisting of time, are wrong. Everything happens and ends in the earth and the universe. So the video doesn't rewind or fast forward. While the water in a container boils for 15 minutes, this boiling time decreases to 10 minutes when we increase the heat. This does not mean that you advance time or withdraw time.

  • The situation of slow aging of people who go to space is like this. Depending on environmental factors, the condition of the substances and the lifetime of living things vary. Daylight, night and seasons are an exceptional situation that occurs in the solar system. The universe is dark and cold.
  • Non-dominant elements or compounds resist not to disappear. This is also the case in living things. It consists of elements in living things. The weak living things resists not to disappear, but the result is inevitable. The life of living things is as long as they resist the pressure or the existing environmental conditions. Body resistance varies from person to person or from living thing to living thing. Environmental conditions vary according to the atmospheric and climatic conditions ofthe place where they live.


Does the reincarnation exist? Does the soul exist?


    Throughout history, human have believed in the existence of the soul. They thought the last breath of human before their death was the soul. Human did not accept extinction. After he died, he wanted to see the human he loved. So he began to believe in the existence of the soul. In fact, what they think of the soul is consciousness. We have five organs that constantly transmit data to our consciousness. These; eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. It is wrong to say five sense organs. Indeed, it is the Five Consciousness Organs. Consciousness is the ability of human to recognize, perceive, grasp, realize itself, its environment and what is happening.
  • After the data obtained by the five organs of consciousness are transmitted to the consciousness section of our brain, they reflect as emotions such as joy, sadness and fear. Human is like a live broadcast television. The human moment is living. This is called consciousness. The heart is the blood pumping organ. Emotions such as joy, sadness, and fear are formed in the brain, ve Then the central nervous system changes the speed of blood flow. Changes occur in the heartbeat. Due to these changes in the heart, it is believed to be the soul in the heart. Since there is no soul, there is no Reincarnation called soul migration. The migration of consciousness is not scientifically possible.


How many dimensions does the universe have?
  • There is no other dimension above the three dimensions we live in. Our perception of three dimensions, namely height and depth, is valid for the objects in the universe. Theories like the parallel universe are mistaken. Invisible objects or living things can be evaluated on a micro or macro scale. For example, bacterial viruses can be evaluated on a micro scale, and the world we live in on a macro scale. We cannot see bacteria and viruses without a microscope, we cannot see the world without going into space. Just because we can't see bacteria and viruses doesn't mean we live with them in different sizes. Our failure to see the earth does not mean that we are not living in the earth. We live in the same dimensions and in the same world as bacteria and viruses. Likewise, in order to see the space, we have to go out of the space, and in order to see the universe, we have to go out of the universe. However, since the universe is infinite, we cannot go out of the universe.
  • Not being able to see an object or an alive does not mean that they are of a different dimension.
  • Just because we can't see the sun because of the clouds doesn't mean the sun is of different dimension.
  • Our inability to see fish due to sea water does not mean that we live with them in a different dimension.
  • Our inability to see beings because of the fog does not mean that they are of a different dimension.
  • Our inability to see worms due to soil does not mean that they live in a different dimension.


Are there any invisible imaginary beings?


    Objects and living things reflecting light appear. The visible region is a situation that occurs with visible light. In dark environments, all substances are colorless.

  • To be a visible or invisible entity, that entity must consist of elements. In addition, it is necessary for the elements to come together and form a volume. 99.1% of the human body consists of Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur Compounds (Sulfur) and other elements.
  • In order for the invisible entitty being to form, it must consist of invisible gas elements. Gas state is the most irregular state of matter. Gases are volatile and spread to the environment in which they are located. Gaseous substances do not have a specific shape and volume. It takes the shape of the container they are in. Chemical Reaction is when elements or compounds undergo chemical changes to form new substances.
  • Compounds are pure substances that are formed as a result of two or more different elements losing their properties and forming a chemical bond.
  • Metal elements are present in solid state in room conditions. Mercury is only liquid. They form ionic compounds with nonmetals. They do not form compounds among themselves. However, they form alloys. There is very little in the structure of living things.
  • Nonmetallic elements exist in solid, liquid and gaseous form under room conditions. Nonmetals form covalent (such as H20) with nonmetals and ionic (such as NaCI) with metals. It is found in large amounts in the structure of livingthings.
  • Some properties of semi-metal elements are similar to metal and some properties are similar to nonmetals. All room conditions are strict.
  • The noble gas elements are in gaseous form under room conditions. They do not reaction. Therefore, they do not form compounds. They do not exist in the structure of living things.


Types Of Electromagnetic Wawes


       Visible lights; is the light perceived by the human eye.

       Radio waves; It is used in television, radio and mobile phone technology. Invisibletothe eye.

       Microwaves; It is used in bakery, television, radio, satellite, telephone, telegraph, astronomy, computer data transfer, radar system of planes, viewing the earth from space. Invisible to the eye.

       Infrared waves; It is used in night vision glasses and television controls. Invisible to the eye.

       Ultraviolet rays; It is the sun's rays reaching the earth. Invisible to the eye.

       X-rays; It is used in viewing in medicine. Invisible to the eye.

       Gamma rays; It is used in the treatment of cancer in the medical field. Invisible to the eye.

It is not possible to formation an entity from these invisible rays.

  • Various diseases occur due to problems occurring in brain cells. People with some brain disease can see imaginary beings that no person else can see. They may hear some voices. These imaginary beings have not been proven to be seen or heard by two people at the same time. It was believed that it was caused by invisible beings until the cause of epilepsy was understood. There are many brain diseases in the world, such as schizophrenia. As our knowledge about the human brain and its functioning increased, the reason for the imaginary beings began to emerge. As a result, there are no imaginary beings that do invisible.

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