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have you ever thought or come across with "strange" person-What is the "strangeness"?


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2 minutes ago, ahmet said:


I wonder whether it was natural or artificial 

also,the reason why someone think about some people or some thing was strange?


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Please give an example of the behavior you're talking about, to help the discussion focus on your meaning.

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@Phi for AllI was thinking that this was NOT relevant to examples ...but was more relevant to defnition itself and what people think about it.

but of course I can examplify: I have come across with strange people more than several times. 

But maybe,this type of strangeness might be classified,not sure. For instance the first one was in my childhood. I had several times come across with some people (each were different personalities) who were called "insane".they were not being called more correctly a "patient" ,folks were directly mention those people with "insane" .

Honestly,I can clearly express that I had felt myself too strange! (I also feared too much)

the second time was in my adolescent term/period of time. One man was wearing very strange clothes. I say "strange" ,because those clothes he was wearing were really dirty and wrinkled. I probably saw the same people or very similar two people in istanbul and somewhere out of istanbul far away. 

one of my cousin said "do you know this one" ,I replied, "Yes I presume I saw someone like this or the same one at somewhere else,too"

he said "ahmet, this person is very strange. He will shoot you also will beat you if he wants something from you and you do not follow it."


These examples ,I think, were just relevant to external appearances ,because  some acts or some ideas could be defined or reminiscented as "strange" when they be disclosed,although this may have potentiality to be ordinary or natural. I mean or ask here whether a strange thing or strangeness might be "relative." 

This last one is generally being to be relevant to the people who are neither patient nor insane. Maybe in the folk or the member of any of our family. 

For instance, you could find something strange, in very well known people's biography.




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