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Why is a magnetic field of a permanent magnet not considered energy?


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53 minutes ago, Charles 3781 said:

What if the magnet is attached to the door of a refrigerator.  The door has a smooth glossy coat of paint, which offers very little frictional resistance to the downward pull of gravity. 

Why doesn't this constant downward pull make the magnet gradually slide down the door, until it falls off at the bottom onto the floor?

Sometimes it does. Depends on how much friction there is, and how strong the magnet is. 

Gravity doesn’t “run out”, either. An object sitting on a table doesn’t need a constant supply of energy to stay there.

Same with an electric field.

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Thank you all!! It seems like, if i can make a magnetic generator, (which i think i can) and take energy out of the magnets. Then charge them with other magnets( if they lose magnet energy). Then science will consider magnetic field an energy. this was great info thanks to the debate and will not mention who because it would be because my preferred outcome. But thank you again  

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Science already considers a magnetic field to have energy, and a generator does not tap into this energy. A generator converts mechanical work into electricity. You won’t get anything out if you don’t put anything in. 

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7 minutes ago, Victheromanian said:

found a way to prime the generator then the magnetic field is an extra force driving it past stopping if your interested let me know if not thank you so much for your info will be using it going forward.

Many a crackpot thinks magnets will give free energy. This sounds dangerously like that

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