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  1. found a way to prime the generator then the magnetic field is an extra force driving it past stopping if your interested let me know if not thank you so much for your info will be using it going forward.
  2. Thank you all!! It seems like, if i can make a magnetic generator, (which i think i can) and take energy out of the magnets. Then charge them with other magnets( if they lose magnet energy). Then science will consider magnetic field an energy. this was great info thanks to the debate and will not mention who because it would be because my preferred outcome. But thank you again
  3. i put energy to get them far apart but the magnets pull them-self together by they own. i think it almost equals out. but that is what you think? the pulling away of the magnets or them pulling each other together converts into electromagnetic energy ?
  4. i have a vise and i stick both of my big 2700 Gauss each on either side and then put a small 500 Gauss in the middle and close the vise . did this for 200 times and the magnetic reading didn't change. how can that be i asked k&j and they said that this is normal how can that not brake the 1 law?
  5. 1 law cant create energy. ok but you can give energy to a ferromagnetic and magnetize it. then magnetize as many ferromagnetic material as you want, and not diminish the magnetic field of the 1st one you had. I don't understand how no loss and how that is not considered braking the 1st rule
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