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Asymmetric black hole merger

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LIGO and VIRGO have detected gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes of vastly different mass (8 and 30 solar masses).


 The mass ratio between the two black holes is "roughly equal to the ratio of filling in a regular Oreo to in a Mega Stuf Oreo," Berry noted.

"Investigations of connections between Oreos and black hole formation are ongoing."


They have a nice animation of the merger.

This enables some further tests of GR (plot spoiler: results consistent with GR).

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Maybe he ate too many Oreos; I myself got a craving after reading Stange's post.

Didn't read it in the link, but would the detected quadrupole radiation be asymmetric also ?
IOW more pronounced along one axis compared to the other ?

( don't feel like digging out Gravitation to check )

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