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Wuhan coronavirus prompts netizens to study World of Warcraft epidemic

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Here's an interesting news article on 'Coronavirus Spread', especially if you have ever enjoyed MMORPG's like World of Warcraft (WoW).


As I started playing in 2008, in 'Burning Crusade', and have had a 'Hunter' character in this game since then, I can provide an expert opinion on the mechanism of these things.

Being a highly experienced solo Hunter means that your role is mainly 'ranged attack' but you can also use a hunting 'pet' to assist you by getting it to attack a boss in a dungeon or during a quest. In WoW Dungeons, I hold a title of "Northrend Dungeon Master", so I can let you know a bit of the inside information, you can read the article above to see how important these 'virtual' environments are for future science research/modelling.

The main issue with Hunters is that some arrogant players, call them 'Huntards' in a derogatory way because our pets can 'pull' beasts etc onto a 5 man Dungeon group and 'wipe' it. The real problem is that when a Healer ignores the healing of the Hunters Pet, and that Pet is attacking the BOSS, the boss usually goes straight for the powerful 'ranged attack' Hunter, who is standing beside the Healer, and then kills the Healer straight away because it has the weakest armor.

The dedicated IT professionals who developed this game carried their 'playing mechanics' consistently through all Quest lines, Dungeons and Raids in WoW so I can see how such an uncontrolled viral epidemic, like the Influenza epidemics of a century ago, can spread without adequate actions by the authorities.

Lets just hope that pure science can learn how to learn from these 'safe simulation' examples in the future.

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Moderator Note

This is an interesting story about reactions to the current disease outbreak. However, posts about the OP's personal experience playing the game seem to have little relevance and have been split off.


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