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Google only hires people with PhDs or hackers who can crack in.

-inside joke.-



Other than that, I'd actually love to see all my free mail space put to use by allowing me to host a webserver from my gmail. Don't know if it's been done yet, I'd love to see some hacker do it though.




hmm.. a virtural drive... but can I get it to host my files to others without using a password....



I thought about this once and thought of Google as a monopoly industry, but then again perhaps it wasn't.


I figure with whatever money they get, they just buy more and more stuff.

They don't embezzle cash and play with it, they truly put it to use.

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I guess since it can be a virtual 2GB drive, that'd be the best function for me.

Of course i just D/L'd the virtual drive creator and it's denying me the right to put files in 2nd level subfolders. :mad:


I guess I also liked the fact that I could get what screen name I wanted.


Its sorting of mail somewhat annoys and bothers me.

I liked hotmail for that, but hotmail deleted all my old emails and shut down a few of my accounts because of "inactivity."


I don't know if gmail will ever do this though. I figure since they have a half decent spam set up, they won't get clutter in their servers so they won't lock out accounts.

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Does gmail provide virus scan?


It's sad but NO. Gmail does not provide virus scan. Yahoo is supported by norton and hotmail is supported by mcafee.


One good thing (or a bad thing to some people) is that you cant send exe's as attachments with gmail. This helps a little with protecting from viruses.

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