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reason why you do science ? what in science is fun for you ?

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Even achievement is illusion, someone born with high intelligence and didn't do anything, just got better coinflipp, even you know you did nothing, how you can feel contentment, if you have success with something. If everything you do is pointless, humanity will extinct sooner or later. People actually search for meaning, because it is important for their survival to live meaningful lives. I read study, that scientist have greater sense of meaning and there are studies about meaning increasing happiness, which is evolutionary mechanism for survival. Maybe you help save some lives, but than you can die painfully yourself, which is dissuading from helping others, because it doesn't even guarantee you won't die painfully. Like Turing, he killed himself, because court ordered him chemical castration, after saving 13 million people, 99% of people is cancer, i don't know what more you can do and see what you get in return. Still one can do very little. And everything is predetermined, or random it will be how it will be, you can't really change anything, that would be stupid to try. Even if you decide to help you can probably do small good, but humanity will still go extinct sooner or later, so it is ultimately utterly pointless.

If probably humanity will destroy itself, animal life is already dying, it is predicted that humanity will extinct at 2100 on 20%.



Even if humanity could survive in computer, or mars, this is still pretty devastating and a lot of people will die. Because corporations and elitists control everything and their only concern is to make as much money as possible, they know they will die and after that there will be probably nothing , so they don't care about future.

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I'll respond to the title rather than the rather ranty OP. 

I think the scientific approach to explaining our world is the most trustworthy. If I'm skeptical about something, I can learn about it and decide based on what's known and observed, and then I'm not skeptical about that any more. 

I can look at the society I live in and see value in what people do, besides being good at making money. People who are good at making furniture, or good at cleaning homes, or good at teaching, are just as important to society as people who're good at making money. Perhaps it's not the money that's wrong. Perhaps we allow people who have a lot of it to make it more important than it should be. Money shouldn't buy some things, like academic admissions, or political votes, or integrity. 

Scientific reasoning and rational thought applied to everyday situations is fun for me. I think we need more focus on intellectual pursuits, and we need to remove the stigma that has developed regarding smart, well-educated people. We need diverse skills to help guide us in the future. I think too much emphasis is being placed on emotions via social media these days, and very little on thinking it through. Science should be able to help with that.

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