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or iRiver they're quite good....


Any way...


I've never understood this but why are "liberals" so bad? Forward thinking not appreciated in the USA?


If I wanted to buy a notebook for less than $800 which is ~ $400 I would probably look at dell first because I know that they sometimes have very good deals on cheap notebooks, forexample dabs.com/uk/ cheapest notebook: £426.99 inc VAT - dells cheapest is £399 ish. And the Dell is a higher spec...


You can't blame companies for outsourceing, they are in business to make money not to give people a happy fuzzy feeling that they are buying internally.


||ignore my comment if you where refering to the liberals as in political party not as in the ideal.

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Being a business man myself, I am always looking to better my turnover. I also understand outsourcing creates just as many jobs as it outsources.


If someone wants to spend 1200$ on outdated parts for a laptop. Be my guest. If u think computer part manufacturers trully differ between eachother. Again, choose to think what you want. I've been using a Toshiba P3 350mhz, with 256 ram (max) since it died a couple months back; latest hardware is just a perk when buying a new CPU (AND NOT GETTIN RIPPED OFF). I've been using my Dads new Dell and it was hell on Earth until I loading a genatic copy of Win2000 and DLed any nessesary drivers. Now it's just hell on Mars.


Liberals just lie and ride the "We are for the people wave." The truth is, they want to control every aspect of your lives because they are too smart for their own good and they think they know what is best for us. "I did not have sexual relations with that women" - Bill. Republicans controlled the House and Senate since '94 and if it wasn't for their "Forward thinking" Bill would have only been known for sexual prowess and not what "HE" did for the economy. All he did was pass the Bills presented by the Republican House. Liberal MISSINFORMATION.


Liberals will complain and make laws for the people. Republicans let u LIVE your life. Thats the Fact.

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Liberals will complain and make laws for the people. Republicans let u LIVE your life. Thats the Fact.


Comments like this make my life happier.


Regardless of this, I'd appreciate it if you (and anyone else) refrained from making more comments on this sort of thing. If you want to slate liberals, then do it in the Politics forum.

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