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Are 2 acids symbiotic or independent?

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3 hours ago, hypervalent_iodine said:

Are you familiar with what pH is a measure of? 

The amount of free hydrogen ions? Sorry I am not a chemist nor have taken any chemistry classes. My gut instinct is that it is a total of the sum so the ph would down from 4 to 4 .

But again this is my gut instinct and I am no chemist. I am a language instructor.

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13 hours ago, born2dive9702 said:

If I have an acid say phosphoric acid which has a ph of 4, and a citric acid with a ph of 4 will the ph still be 4, (because both are independant) or will the ph go down to say 3 because the sum of the 2 parts are greater than the whole?


please let me know 



pH = -log(cH+)  So if both acids  have the value of 4 then there will be no chance.

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