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almost everyone has heard of the Bible code. what about the pi code?

Following the lead of prominent logologician Mike Keith of Salem' date=' Ore., O'Leary converted the higher decimal digits of pi from base 10 to base 26. He then identified the 26 different base-26 digits with letters of the English alphabet: 0 = A, 1 = B, 2 = C,. . ., 25 = Z.


Here are the first 100 digits of pi expressed in this way:





In effect, "pi in base 26 emulates the mythical army of typing monkeys spewing out random letters," Keith says. "This implies that any text, no matter how long, should eventually appear in the base-26 digits of pi....


O'Leary discovered that the higher digits of pi are a rich repository of vital information. Interpreted in the right way, cryptic sentences, phrases, and words can be strung together and used to predict the future."[/quote']


predicting the future with the Pi code!


infinite digits means all possible combinations, right?

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Where do you get "predicting the future with the Pi code" from?


I think it would be nonsense to assign letters to the digits and look for messages in earnest, after all, there are more languages than english and pi existed well before any language. I don't think someone could have come up with the numbers based on a message he wanted to secret.

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in theory, it should work for any language...just change the base. it is a satire on the Bible code. but this would be more likely to be true, because it wasn't written by man and it has infinite terms which makes all possible combinations of letters.

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