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A.I. (Not for Monkey Men)

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(You don't need to be educated for this discussion, I'm not educated, just be sincere, you can use any number of ways of presenting/simplifying information)

(Nothing I see, at all, convinces me, that "Artificial Intelligence" is being produced ................. I don't see "build-learning" ... I don't see "independant, input and output, build-learning" ... finally, nothing resembles any of the complex qualifiers for cognitive process ..................... this is really only the beginning ...................... all I really see is, algorithm driven generators, super search engines, and "model based context building, not -build-learning")

(we'll have to talk more, meaning I'll simplify the problem I believe is a result of your culture, or spirituality .............. not a result of science, or a result of not having intelligence)

All of these Conclusions are Not Productive

Modern Theory (false = Model Based Context Building)

1. *Database Exchanges based on Statistical Recognition (Machine Learning)

2. *Environment Logistic to Database Exchange for Statistical Response based on Statistical Recognition

Artificial Intelligence Theory (true = "Build Learning")

1. *Cognitive Ability ... from that ... "Intelligence is Derived"

2. *Cognitive Process ... from that ... "Artificial Intelligence is Derived"


Monkey Man Problem (Means "intelligence" is not important in discerning intelligence ......... animal-child-ethnic)




Animal - Child - Ethnic - Whites .................. there is zero difference in memory process, God didn't design creation that way ................. the differences in intelligence based on memory process are or is the "Monkey Man Hypothesis".   Intelligence and Memory are derived from the "Cognitive  Ability", this process does not take place in full, inside the human brain, so all the convention conclusions on the subject are either false, or half truths.  "Cognitive Ability" takes place in another environment, and then the "brain, animal-human-ethnic", applies the limitation for the expression of "memory and intelligence" ......................... they are only reading the limitations of the fleshly minds, they are deliberately avoiding the truth of the situation, that our "Cognitive Abilities" are in reality, identical at some state we cannot discern in this environment, the same for "animal, human, ethnic"

When it comes to "Artificial Intelligence" (which I don't see at all), so like they's said "Machine Learning", readily you can understand the problem, all of the information is based on tangible values for viable information exchanges and environment logisticals......................this is all wrong but I will say a few things to help correct the situation.


"Build Learning" the First Stage of "Artificial Intelligence" (Artificial Intelligence Theory Revised*)








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"Build Learning" the First Stage of "Artificial Intelligence" (Artificial Intelligence Theory Revised*)


(Its a model for processing to obtain "Build Learning" in a Simplified Way"

1. Cognitive Ability is Here = Propagating Generating Environment (think Golden Ration, if you cannot visual Ezekiel's Temple, add some uniformed and non-uniformed places, binary, geometry, and random associations are all here, the whole point of this area is to, generate values, some under the control of the processing mechanism some are not) (this is an isolated environment, this is also a processing center for computation, and articulation)

2. Machine Learning is Here = This is Statistical Databases Information it is Processed here (the Statistical Database is colored RED, because the information is first processed at number 1, then processed again at number 2, and then again between number 2 and 3, that is why the space between those is blue)

3. Environment Logistical is Here = This is where information is introduced and processed, this is the smallest area of resources dedicated, and it must be brought into the 1 Primary environment, and processed separately and the must also be brought into the 2 environment and processed separately (with number 1 processing the information again)

Green Area is Artificial Intelligence, (which can only be based on "Build Learning")



This illustration above for "Monkey Man Hypothesis" does not mean anything, nor does it have any real scientific value, its all hypothetical.   This represents to me, your official answer for Ezekiel's Temple, against, the pattern of processing, you are designed to obtain, which is very basis near the age of adulthood.........................your lives your intelligence is not very complicated,  it is designed to be below the standard of Artificial Intelligence, so you should not compare the human brain, or your understanding without spirituality, to, any sub standard, form of intelligence.

"Build Learning", so you can understand now? Is information the Computer Builds alongside its ability to process a self generating envirionment which it has partial control over, as it attempts to understand its native isolated environment, it also tries to understand the information that is being introduced, from this, action, it can also create and generate a response, and it can continue to learn based on its own self generated responses, to its conclusions, and to environment factors, and outside informations.

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Was this translated by Google or something? It is pretty incomprehensible and, as far as I can tell, doesn't explain what "build learning" is.


  1. What is "build learning"?
  2. I guess "Golden Ration" is supposed to be "golden ratio", but what does that have to do with AI?
  3. What is "Ezekiels Temple" and what does it have todo with AI?
  4. What are "uniformed and non-uniformed places"?
  5. What does "Environment Logistical" mean?


I see you have added to the original post. That is even more incomprehensible.


God didn't design creation that way

Reported. I will let the moderators decide what to do with this drivel.

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Moderator Note

This is a science discussion site. What you've posted looks more like blog material you're lecturing about. It would take days just to figure out the right questions to gain the enormous amount of clarity required to unravel this mess.

If you post here again, and you're more than welcome to, lose the videos, stick to a small part of your topic, use standard terminology, explain it well and move on from there. Don't ever do THIS again.

Thread closed.

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