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hi there. Your post is kind of confusing, so you might want to reword it.


A Hatched chick does have it's own body heat but, (if there's no mother present) you might want to keep it under a heat lamp for a little while.

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Trying to rephrase:


When does a chick starts developing its own body warmth ?


A recently (fertile) laid egg does not have its own warmth generation; receives it from the parent. A just hatched chick does. Somewhere in between, the warmth generation starts. Gradually, I suppose. About when or at what embryo development stage?


-Thanks for the information; I thought that some animals and living organisms did not have any body heat at all- Lizards and insects I touched are quite cold.



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All organisms which have metabolic reaction release heat, because energy is wasted in the reactions. moreover, dont forget that respiration releases energy- some of which is in the form of heat.


What lizards do not have is the ability to maintain a constant body temperature- thermoregulation. They are ectotherms or cold blooded. They rely on maintaing their body temperature by behaviorable mechanisms, such as moving in and out of the shade.

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Technically everything generates heat by living, but the question is how much and how fast, compared to how fast they lose it. Reptiles produce heat, but very little because of their low metabolism, and compared to the rate of heat-transfer across the body surface, it's utterly insignificant. Same for other ectotherms.


Mammals and birds, on the other hand, waste over 90% (sometimes over 95%) of the energy they take in maintaining their body temperatures by internal heat generation.



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