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2 hours ago, Janus said:

On a small scale station, your flight of stair going from one level to another could look like this.*


Now you could align the stair case with the axis of rotation, but then Coriolis effect would try to push you sideways as you climbed or descended.  Even with the set up above, you'd want to point the staircase in the correct direction with respect to the rotation.  Here you would want the rotation to be clockwise.  This way, the Coriolis effect would tend to push you towards backwards( up-stair) when descending the staircase.  It would also tend to push you backwards when climbing, but this would probably be easier to deal with while climbing than while descending. If worse came to worse, you could design "up" staircases and "down" staircases curving in opposite directions relative to the spin. (Just avoid trying to go down the up staircase)

* I'm learning a new 3-D rendering software, so this is giving me an opportunity to play around with it

Can you show the traveler eating spaghetti as he walks upstairs? ;-)

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Best to install a lift then. ;) 

But spiral stairs wouldn't be too bad. A bit like climbing upstairs on a bus, as it goes round some bends.

Edit: and up and down hills at the same time !!

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