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This is an excellent move and will help to reduce Spam & abuse of one another.


No one has any Right to abuse or use harsh words against anyone bcoz no one comes to this site and participates to go back with hurtful feelings. Whatever be the Grade, qualification or Pretense of the Participant be.


To be fair this should equally be applicable to all and therefore Mods, Staff etc should also not be allowed to abuse or spam against anyone just bcoz they seem to be in power.


Retort to abuse or a tit for tat reaction to abuse may be treated less severely.


Motivated Rep markings + or - must also fall under the category of Spam / Abuse. Perhaps the Moderators can review / revoke such spiteful markings.

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Of course all members, including staff, are subject to forum rules. I'm a little confused as to what prompted that statement, anyway. It has absolutely no relevance to the notice posted by imatfaal.


Staff do occasionally notice and reverse persistent rep system abuse (as in, one person seemingly going out of their way to up or down vote a particular person or group of people), and in either direction. It's not really that common, however. Anything else is up to members to resolve, if they see fit. There are numerous threads on this if you wish to discuss it further.

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