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    Chemistry is my passion!!Other interests are current affairs, Sports, Debating, Cooking and Traveling.
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  1. Ayesha


    Plasma is the combination of positive ions and free electrons. These electrons are no longer associated with the particular atom because of very high temperature.
  2. Sodium chloride and lead nitrate would react forming lead chloride and sodium nitrate. Lead nitrate would form precipitate and sodium nitrate will be in the filterate. They can be separated by filtration. Now where is sodium chloride?
  3. Compete combustion of Heptane would yield CO2but incomplete would yield CO.So Heptane and oxygen would give carbon monoxide and water in combustion reaction.
  4. We cannot measure the internal energy in a system, we can only determine the change in internal energy.
  5. Scientists developed a revolutionary antifreeze solution called FreezePruf.Check out the link for more information. http://www.florida-palm-trees.com/quick-way-protect-palm-trees-cold/
  6. Visit: http://alison.com/..Here you can learn lot more about programming and computer skills..
  7. Yes I agree that we are not benefited by these arguments.But the effects are getting worse.Not only humans but the aquatic life and wild animals are being punished.We have to think about it.
  8. very helpful sites..I must say "excellent"
  9. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is the book I really like.
  10. If looking at the body weight:brain weight ratio, the hippopotamus is not looking too smart while talking about the intelligence of mammals.
  11. With today’s levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide so high, the ocean’s help comes at a cost to marine life and the millions of people who depend on healthy oceans. http://www.livescience.com/38219-oceans-acidifying-with-rising-co2.html
  12. Yes..Keep your spirits high
  13. I suggest you to take chemistry as a major.I have good experience in this subject as a major. while talking about the difficulty level every body has different approach.In my opinion general chemistry is easiest.I find difficult then inorganic because of too much reaction mechanisms.Physical chemistry seems very interesting to me.Analytical Chemistry is also not much difficult one can learn it by little effort.I find Bio Chemistry very tough because learning different structural formulas of similar compounds is inconvenient for me.
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