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  1. Those are top skills for managing people. The little personal details you are remembering, they are key in the area of personnel management.
  2. That’s quite funny. Friends have pointed out how each time I go into a new location I visually scan each end every shape and form in the room. Of course if you have been doing it all your life, you don’t usually come across any new objects, so it’s over in the blink of an eye. As for this touching habit of yours…remind me never to take you into a biker bar. They don’t like that. Lol.
  3. I'm impressed. what about complicated processes ...like, how long a string of logic can you hold?
  4. Oh, hi Mokie. Interesting. Will get back to you after I do some reading up in the Synaptic response to alcohol and other chemicals.
  5. So today…..I’m checking out how neurons interconnect . And I’m looking at the synaptic joins between each neuron… And I’m wondering….why have a crappy old chemical connection?… Why not have a direct hard type of connection. That would stop alcohol and the like from disrupting the purity of function. Then I started to think in reverse….why is it important to make sure the purity of function is distorted by overall chemical changes… You can see where I’m going with this….
  6. Lol. What a great question. The machines that I know of are the lever and the inclined plane. There may be a few more. I really like your way of thinking about light… and the way you have asked this question. Perhaps the forces that make photons act as they do- could be considered in terms of the inclined plane and the lever. You may really be on to something big here.
  7. 1 What is glass made from? 2 Why is there sand on a beach?
  8. What’s the latest breakdown on what percentages of the five food groups are best for a healthy diet?
  9. If you have ever been on a bike you will quickly know how cold your face gets and how bugs seem to want to go straight into your eyes. And the full face helmet looks dorkey on a chopper. plus they get really hot. And lots if other practical reasons. Five minuets on a bike at speed will make you really understand.
  10. To deliberately side step the question and give you a valuable answer. Have you heard of the "bell distribution curve"? This is the best way to judge the things you are asking about.
  11. Have dug up this history of psychiatry for you. Please remember that all sciences started out really badly….physics started out as earth wind and fire, sort of elementalism…and the study of the mind also had it’s rude beginnings. Much progress has been made in both fields. see http://www.usyd.edu.au/su/hps/course2003/3010.html
  12. no reason to do that. the more directions you try and solve a question from the more quickly you bail it up against a wall. where is the doctor at as far as reaching a conclusion so far?
  13. I’m all for giving you the benefit of the doubt momentarily, and applying the scientific method around your sensations, in first trying to categorise and isolate the sensations and situations… then running that data against know phenomena for an explanation.
  14. So are you saying that you don’t get an "empathic read" with each and every person you meet…because I sort of do. On the other hand I do not find myself transported out of my sense of self on any occasion except during the vary rare lucid dream.
  15. Before you go hunting down the unidentified sensations you are perceiving from the seniors…could you give me a clearer picture of the sorts of sensations that you can identify normally. Like for me, the word “Empathy” signifies a sort of kindness. Very unlike…say…. Anger and rage. it can be detected in others…but I would hardly call that empathy. I mean when a dog gets down low bears its fangs and starts to growl…you don’t need any street sign to tell you friendship is not on it’s mind. So too with sadness,. So can you describe in words a specific example of the sorts of sensations you get from particular people? I cant think of any other way to try and identify what exactly it is that you are experiencing.
  16. I fear it is the old Nature vs Nurture question in disguise once again. The latter being favoured by the afflicted because it gives them hope for relief without having to admit they are defective (in a mechanical sense) Just diverting course slightly to the question used to hook people into this thread…why do you suppose Tom Cruse decided to speak out about this particular topic at this particular moment. Usually these things are of interest mostly to those with a vested interest in the topic. Apologies in advance for calling anyone mentally defective.
  17. Katie Holmes seems to be having an antidepressant effect on Tom Cruse. Is it just me or is there something in the subtle movements of her facial expressions that betray a "not all together happy with the present situation" type of feeling. ? Ignoring the media...I tell you, summit is up with that girl.
  18. You actually may have much more than 5% to play with. I think that the baby was unusual because she was a celebrity. This would remove her from the typical statistical model.
  19. ummm...boy you sure are in line for a good slapping. ps the soul ( subconscious ) can not define reality from fiction, like the aware part of the psyche can.
  20. Hi B. this is from the FBI. Did the behavioral science unit do a profile of the killer of Jon Bonet Ramsey? What did it indicate? If no profile, what do you think might be elements of a profile of the murderer, based on your experience and what you know of the case? Candice DeLong: I'm sure that profiler. Approximately 95% of the time a child dies in the home from blunt force trauma to the head. An adult primary care taker is usually the culprit.
  21. how does your vision match the residual evidence? What did the coroner have to report?
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