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  1. So what percentage of a population are same sex attracted? And how far do the bulk of the population have to go to accommodate abnormal behavior? “Abnormal” in the statistical sense.
  2. The mind craves negative type chemicals? I never thought of that. I think I know what you mean… Like people wallowing in self pity…they feel comfortable there, because it’s more pleasant that the fear of taking a risk for happiness and getting disappointed.. Hmm.. relative positive-ness….I LIKE IT!
  3. I heard that Alexander the great was homosexual… Bet he didn’t mince around in flailing his sword in a limp wrist shouting yooo hooo. So why is a bloke like Carlson the stereotypical gay dude? Sounds like it’s all a false put on.
  4. I get a bit tired of fall the flamboyant extroversion of some gay people. Especially if you are trying to concentrate on something important. It's like the circus came to town. What is it with that behavior...where does that come from?
  5. I thought Sigmund F had been hammered, for centering everything around sex. I can see how in the animal world, power equals access to a mate. But, with food for example...I just personally desire that taste...and am not aware of any process that connects my desire (for food), to the desire for sex. Also, we spend the first part of our lives pre pubescent. there - food seems to rule. ? thoughts?
  6. I like this priest...he has got two girls as temptation(?) not just one but two... if it was a dream he should have gone all out. a tempting nude roller-skating team for example. some people have no imagination... And as for the whale. it’s obviously symbolizing a cigar. yes.... I know what you are thinking...George Burns was a filthy little monkey.
  7. Did you just use the word "kosher" to talk about a priest.. That is kinda funny.
  8. I know what you mean. but more surprising is that fact that you can get a whole country of people to more or less co-operate with the general social direction. Could you imagine trying to get a million cats to do that. Possibly primates like us are bred to be submissive followers. Theoretically because antisocial behavior was punished by death for a large part of our history. the renegade ones were culled as it were. wild theory. what the hey. I had a dream about exactly that ( now its back on topic )
  9. Why not start one on how the capitalist dream is BS. That lie: That the consumption of objects and more objects will make you happy. (Bombardment from advertising being the brainwashing stimuli). (An I pod and some Nike shoes are my stairway to happiness). Ps.... you didn't tell us if the ladies got eaten by the whale!
  10. And what if the Priest has assimilated the symbolic meanings of the church through intense exposure. In that case the fish is Christianity...the river is a new life of sin. and that baptism has destroyed his faith and is dragging him in... I would speculate that a priest would have different dream symbols compared to lay people, due to intense religious saturation.
  11. You know that the fish is a secret symbol for Christianity don’t you…any priest would know this. And be familiar wit the story of Jonah. And water is used in baptism. A priest would know this.
  12. ease do... I'm on the edge of my seat wondering if those two poor ladies are going to be eaten by the whale. this has a happy ending right?
  13. He feels like he's gotten himself into a disgusting situation and can’t understand why others don’t mind being disgusting. Why oh why is the conduit of life so disgusting? And he's also obviously got whale envy.(joke)
  14. Agree. oh and to answer Aguy's question about Genesis.... it's the apple... they bit the apple.. and they were changed. PS see the "epic of Gilgamesh" for earlier versions.
  15. . Now form this I get that "unnatural" is meaning immoral or evil. So... we are into the field of ethics.
  16. I feel like we have an obligation to speak directly to Sunspots original question...not create our own sub topics. But from his last post ...he seems to have evolved the core concept a bit more.
  17. After looking at this a bit how about we change, into this....
  18. ok. well it's up to SUNSPOT to rephrase the question in your terms then.
  19. Dude!...I'm just making sure we are all using the same frames of reference. Not even trying to be combative...though it is a natural human tendency . Uhhhhhh... I better expand on that in case you get hold of the wrong end of the stick again. The first question in this thread … yes…the very first one …. Has in it, quite a few overlapping assumptions. The words “natural” and “instinct” etc etc. Now…the word “Natural” has been used differently though out time. Some use it to mean all things of the material world. Some use it to mean in accordance with Gods master plan. Some use it to mean in accordance with the local social norm. Some use it to mean pertaining to the biological Darwinist scheme of life on earth. Do you see the problem? We need to agree what way we are going to use the word before we can say anything else.
  20. Great!...sounds like you have developed a theory of relativity....
  21. Blowing your self up in aid of a philosophical cause seems a tad unnatural to me. Unless of course, you transfer the "natural" protective instincts of a social group member - outward to include a wider philosophical group.... Then it looks “natural”...
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