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  1. Not really. This would be going to far as the air would conduct its heat too slowly back to the rapidly cooling metal. Liquid would be better due to its order of magnitude greater surface contact.
  2. I also found Kopeikins conclusions to be 'not all they were quacked up to be.'
  3. The following is an excellent example of the other side of the debate. It hinges on the difference between gravitational fields and gravitational force. http://www.metaresearch.org/media%20and%20links/press/SOG-Kopeikin.asp gpdone
  4. I have voted Mars. My resoning is as follows; Politics! Consider the distortions of the known and generally accepted laws of physics that have been allowed to stand by NASA regarding the possibility of Mars having at one time an atmosphere 'earthlike' enough to support rain, plants and flowing water and oceans. They have done so to gain puplic support and mass appeal for $$$$$$$$$ to support the Mars program. Discovery of life soon would fit thier MO. gpdone
  5. For the posters here who believe that gravitational force acts at c. I would like to know how you account for the fact that the instanious position of target bodies are required for any sucessful orbital insertion? gpdone
  6. So much to discuss..so little time. Have not decided yet which forum is right for my first subject?? I'm an outside the Boxer. Will be offering alternative views and am especially interested in members near me in Portland Oregon for experiments! Not the dangeous kind...really. Over the phone kind. Will be using Albert for avitar cause I be old one and not cause I have any illusions that 'I R a gemius' or anything. Will enjoy picking some brains here. gpdone
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