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  1. My assumption is that you mean the Higgs Field yes? The Higgs Field is much too complicated to explain here but, basically it helps bind everything together. The reason we intended to find it is because every other field has some sort of 'excitement' or particle, so to complete the standard model we needed to find it.
  2. I am quite familiar with any commercial fusion reactors, i.e.; Plasma, Magnetic coils, etc. Thank you for the tips I was using fusion as a example and also considering the promising Hydrogen based economy.
  3. Even if you used fusion to bind them that is still a nuclear blast, you can't use particles and energy directly against particles and energy to stop it, the energy would be carried on Newton's laws my friend the energy is still there.
  4. Since we can't actually Confirm yet that the Higgs Boson exists, we can't repel it and even so we still don't have that technology there is nothing new about this scientist have speculated this for years. Maybe in a few thousand years we may develop the technology to manipulate particle not found in atoms, but until then NASA is just being full of themselves.
  5. Well E=MC^2 basically states the energy-mass equivalence, which can be demonstrated in the common fission reactor, my splitting mass energy is released therefore there is an equivalence on some proportion. Basically this could say how much energy would be released if an object just disappeared as an object going at the speed of light... well I'm not going to speak of that due to it's unpleasant nature. Anyways watch some videos and look up a bit more and you should be able to understand this.
  6. Keep in mind the way we measure time is kept by spacial movements such as gravity and rotation, so an 'hour' here will be different than an 'hour' on say Mars. Also note that we can demonstrate with the GPS systems that timing has much to do with relativity and space time dilation as the formula to calculate space time dilation is needed to properly use and align GPS systems and keep them in sync with communications and electronics on Earth.
  7. Hey guys I was wondering many things about research paper writing, (This may be horribly worded as I am on the go) but, could I say write a research paper on Hydrogen as a fuel and demonstrate and explain how the 'fuel of the future' would be able to be used in fusion and engines, and explain the pros and cons, and reactions? Or would the research paper need to be on something nobody knew much about, I mean not many who are not physicists could understand but, I feel you may get the point. Thanks guys any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Please note that we have absolutely no quantum computers, nor do we even seem close if you were implying they existed, now honestly you may want to talk to an adviser as what is considered a 'good' university is completely up to you. I would do whatever I wanted but, if I were you I would ask an adviser and do some Google searches to see what I could find.
  9. Well it depends exactly what you plan to do, if you plan to work on programs Java would be absolutely wonderful but, however, if you want to work with webpage code also I would recommend starting with HTML. Either way you choose good luck out there! I can almost assure you once you get a hold of it you will love programming.
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