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  1. Do you know how Bohr derive his formal and the whole thing behind. If you know this you know the answer to your question.
  2. Sorry for the interruption but once you find the value of the angle in one full cycle (12hr.) the rest can be found just by adding the period(12hr.) since you're asked for 24hrs.
  3. Integrate the circumference with boundary -R to R then you can find the surface area just by adding the circumference of all the circles that made the sphere.This is what I see behind your work. Actually you trying to see sth just by visualizing the relationship between the area and the circumference by inserting one equation on the other. I don't think that is going anywhere. For the volume just integrate the area of circle with the same boundary. remark R isn't the radius of sphere but the radius of the circles.
  4. Could you calculate the concentration of Hydrogen ion in the solution before the addition of base because this is the only way you could get the answer.
  5. here are some Chemistry the center of science by Theodore E.Brown Chemistry by Kenneth W. Whitten Chemistry by Raymond Chang General Chemistry by Darrell Ebbing I often use them.
  6. Mozart, don't you know how to calculate capacitance of a capacitor it is the first lesson when you begin capacitor after definition.
  7. you don't get my point I was trying to know what the OP didn't understand and don't be silly everybody know why somebody posts in homework thread ,to get help.
  8. Actually I didn't ask you sorry for the confusion. It was for OP.
  9. How do you conclude that since both have X chromosome.And there are females who have the trait and there are who haven't. How do you suggest this.
  10. Why do you post this question? because you don't know........
  11. I don't now about what you wrote but I know something about dryness fraction. It is fraction of water that changed in to steam. Please, you guys before you post any thing in this forum make sure your question could be understand by other like us.
  12. Did you read what the moderators pinned in this thread?
  13. let me help you with this just rewrite the equations asif x=7 is x=0. i think you have learned about translation.
  14. It's seems like a homework question. Why don't you post it in homework help thread.
  15. I don't know where I get this question I found it in my laptop. I think it is very nice. How could you cut a hole in a 3 by 5 card that is big enough for you to put your head through?
  16. I know this things once I have read this book called Secrets of Mental Math by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer which was great even in high school when we were celebrating Pi day under math club we use some of the tricks to entertain students.The book also has how to approximate square roots and great stories.
  17. Name particle that made up of quark but doesn't have mass?see Standard Model
  18. Mass is a particular property of matter like charge you could measure it study it determine it. But energy is not something like that it even doesn't have a precise definition, you could quantify it depending on your definition. As far as I know energy makes sense when you study the transformation rather than as it is.
  19. i believe to define work it is better to consider the change in energy rather than adding or losing energy(not the energy by itself).so if you are compressing you are doing 'work on the gas' the gas since the change occurs on you and if the gas is expanding 'work is done by' the gas since the gas is paying for what it did.
  20. let me ask you what is Entropy and who it is defined?
  21. if you're sure with the equations then let's try... First having equations less than the number of variables doesn't mean there is no solution. I guess you should write d or x interms of 'a' then insert any number that satisfy the equation.
  22. why don't you do it like the first one?
  23. Check whether there is temperature change ,you have ideal gas equation.Now.......
  24. Hey, did you skip high school and get in to college?A "perfect square" is an integer whose root is also an integer. Now you know!!!
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