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  1. 1feet every second so at 27 second 27 ft at the next second it reachs the top.
  2. what all the wired symbols,I can't understand. let's try my way from , right to left I symbolize the tension and the mass as follows m1 , t1 , m2 , t2 , m3 then follow me since the motion is to the right, m1g - t1 = m1a .......(1) t1 - t2 - ff = m2a ........(2) t2 - m3g = m3g ........ (3) solve this you will get what you need.
  3. freeflight1 use what Staysys shows on the first post to find the expression of velocity as a function of height since ,the velocity is going to vary as time passed 'cause volume is diminishing so do height ,then set v = dh/dt then integrate to find the time
  4. hi, the first thing what you have to understand is that the velocity of perhaps a unit mass is going to vary depending on the the radius of the unit mass from the axis of rotation. and the other thing going on is just KE and pressure.you can simply see that the change in KE per unit mass is equal to pressure energy per unit area or change in pressure per unit density(give it a little thought and you will figure out why) now you have to immediately find the answer to B.Don't for get to use v=w * r for the velocity because there is rotation. for A just find a general equation of the height reference to lower position of the fluid(it easier reference to this:-)) and the radius. any ambiguity........
  5. Another thing ..do you know how to prove the trajectory of projectile is a parabola.if you knew that you could do it easily.if not here is what you have to do, just mix up every equation you know in trajectory in logical way that you finally get the mixed up equation as a function of ( x , y ), then you are ready to go.
  6. In addition to Nikhil you can simply see that if p(z) is divisible by divider d(z) then all dividers of d(z)would be the divider of p(z). I think now you got at least the way,the rest is upto you.
  7. Actually,if you say Pa=Pb then Ma=Mb which is a necessary condition,which also indicate the ratio is 1.if they don't have same mass then Pa is greater than Pb because some momentum is still there in A because it can't simply stop after the collision,which clearly show the ratio is less than 1 -> less than 2.
  8. And the the hammer thing you said, hurts because as height increase the velocity of the hammer increase since the 2 event are performed by same material aka hammer would have same contact time as the hammer goes to rest, which indicates great acceleration -> great force ,so it hurts you very badly.
  9. what really is the subject matter ??
  10. the answer depends on at what condition you are wandering.State of something is not something unique,only unique if you have standard conditions to determine and to compare with other things. if possible make your question clear.
  11. I googled it, found many information but I cannot follow none of them intuitively. anyway thanks
  12. why exactly do metals shine???
  13. yeah,but whose hydrogen affects whose equilibrium concentration.for example let HA be strong weak acid than HB then does the hydrogen from HA affects the equlibrium concentration of HB.
  14. what do you mean ?????
  15. What would happen to the concentration of weak acid HA if we add another kind of weak acid let say HB to its solution ?
  16. by the way my question is really about the definition of arrhenius base because differnt books define it in differnt way sorry!!!!
  17. is ammonia a bronsted or arrhenius acid or both????
  18. do eukayotic organisms made restriction enzyme ???
  19. Is it possible to change phase of matter by compression in constant temperature??
  20. what about the first one??????
  21. i have two things in my mind one the limit is 1 by using the property of limit in combination functions and since floor function is continuous at 1 that is the limit of sin(x)\x the other is when using squeezing theorem we say that x is slightly greater than sin(x) so the ratio is less than 1so the floor of this is 0. what do you say?????????????
  22. Lim[sin(x)/x] as x ->0 Note-it is floor function
  23. daniton


    my point is why energy choose to behave like wave...
  24. daniton


    why is energy transfer in the form of wave?
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