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  1. What do you mean by 'totally unrestricted process'? Could you guess in what type of process does the work done of a system equal to the choices you provided.
  2. Looks like, it is very good question. Any way to clarify and give you a hint try this simple vector formula. Vpa = Vpg + Vga Vpa is velocity of the plane relative to the air. Vpg is velocity of the plane relative to the ground. Vga is velocity of the ground relative the air. Try to change all the velocities to Vectors assuming the ground as an origin. I bet you know very well about Vectors. Good Luck.
  3. I don't think the speed of reaction depends on whether the reaction is reversible or not. It depends on different things like type of the reactants, activation energy, temperature.... the reversiablity of the reaction doesn't have anything with the speed of the reaction.
  4. What do you know about calculating PH? Perhaps you may not need to know about Henderson-Hasslebach equation to calculate the PH of the solution you're referring. You just need acreative way of finding the remaining Hydrogen ion from the reaction of the two.
  5. Why don't u try this "College Chemistry :An Introductory Textbook of General Chemistry by Linus Pauling". Its a good book to start Chemistry. I don't know many organic chemistry book 'cause I usually use general Chemistry book to study but it's very good book believe me, It helps me a lot in highschool
  6. May be you are referring to... That may be the total number of atoms in glucose.
  7. What have u done so far? Do you know how to calculate the the number of atoms using Moles?
  8. you can also consider it as conservation of energy problem. Just equate that the kinetic energy below is equal or greater than the change in potential energy of the body.
  9. What is the triangle made of? Is the masses at the corner or is it a triangular plane? just for simplicity and clarity. Haven't you learned about centroid of triangle?
  10. it's very bright.you just can't see it because it's full of infrared light.
  11. The Flying Circus of Physics - Jearl Walker The Lightness of Being - Frank Wilczek
  12. yeah nice video I watched it year ago.
  13. why do you think ?
  14. which one?both ? we usually use Gibbs free energy for chemical reaction.
  15. In other way you could understand exothermic and endothermic chemical rxns as formation of bonds which really is. In endothermic rxns chemical bonds get broken so as to proceed and that is why they need energy input but exothermic rxns don't need energy because they are forming bonds so they release energy. This may be the reason why they're called energetically favourable and unfavorable.
  16. Since you restrict the function for |x| < 1 why do you plug number not from the domain and also when we generalize binomial theorm to binomial series we use the same restriction so that the function makes sense like when you plug 0.
  17. Let me make everything clear - Change the cc to mass using PV = nRT - Find the mole of Hydrogen - Since mole of Hydrogen and magnesium is equal change that mole to mass of magnesium - Use the mass to find the percentage
  18. I'm sorry this is homework help not "homework do". Atleast show as what you know to try to solve the problem.
  19. Yes, you can consider the electron in 2nd orbit but still the atom must have one electron otherwise bohr's formula doesn't work with that of his assumptions.
  20. So, why do you post it in homework help thread?
  21. Try The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton and Matthew Sands all you need is there.
  22. Its actually about Book - keeping. It is the definition(agreement) of Energy. do you why the potential energy of an object decrease as its height from earth decrease.
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