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  1. I just discovered a giant flaw in my math stock market idea: If someone were able to solve all of them at the same time then it would cause the system to crash. Though, this assumes that this would be possible.

    1. imatfaal


      All markets have potential fatal flaws - the trick is making them too unlikely to need to worry about.

    2. imatfaal


      if someone solves p v np AND reimann AND Goldbach all in one day then the real world financial system will melt down let alone your bourse


    3. Unity+


      Well, I have been looking at potential holes in it. For example, another thing I found a problem with was in the math stock market people would be able to use real money to buy math stocks. The only problem is real money does not increase in size over time. Therefore, if real money out runs the potential worth of all the unsolved problems then the market's value will begin to fade.

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