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  1. If you are looking specifically for lossless audio compression, try FLAC or APE.
  2. Mind games make life hell, man. Lemme tell you a little bit about my own relationship, the more you know about others, the more insight you'll have into your own. My first true girlfriend, whom I was crazy in love with, was my senior year of high school. I asked her to a Cowboys game, she went. I kissed her on her doorstep afterwards, and things went on from there. Typical senior romance, a little too much fun, and 7 months after graduation we have a baby girl. The pregnancy was hard on both of us. Our relationship was nearly dead by the time our daughter was 3 months old. I came t
  3. Usually port forwarding is only necessary for server-type applications which listen on a particular port for incoming connections when the computer that application is on does not have a static and public IP address. To use port forwarding correctly, you need to know 2 things: The port the outside computer will be sending the request on, and the port your server application will be listening on. Usually these are the same, unless you manually change your server's configuration. First, you will need to set a static private IP address for your computer that will be hosting the server app
  4. http://methlabs.org/methlabs.htm Download peerguardian.
  5. Yup. Not in violation much like firing a single photon in opposite directions causes their motion relative to one another to equal 2c.
  6. Combine the chaos theory and the grandfather theory for some interesting effects. If everything that happens can be slightly altered by any single presence within a certain range, your very presence in the past would cause irreversible side effects ranging from negligible to catastrophic. Take a time out and really think about this next point. Consider the complexity of events that have lead up your existence. Not just on a scientific level, but also on a social one. You are one sperm in a million, on one day, released in one act of passion, perhaps caused by a single instance where one ma
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