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  1. I thought there were mouse studies that showed caloric restriction improved lifespan? Were these flawed? I agree that many small meals is better for the body and blood chemistry keeps things stable and continuous but does force the body to metabolize more which probably causes stress in the cell. So proper balance is key. You want to keep the body energized but not burn through enzymes and celluar functions. I wonder if there are inner cell functions that are limited in lifespan like tellomeres. I believe there are that is why we replace cells in the body. Anyone agree with me? Or am I just full of it?
  2. What makes a genius is genetics, knowledge and what connections your brain makes or can make with that knowledge.
  3. Imagine removing all forms of genetic illness and breeding something that has a better quality life. Wouldn't you all want that in your son or daughter? Then the next goal would be lifestyle changes that prevent illness too. That and dietary modifications and a proper upbringing. Personally I am in favor of ripping out testes and ovaries and implanting as near error free ones. Indeed it would change our status as a natural bred species to something merely doctored, however if we can get it right, we have more control of things. I wonder what would happen to healthcare if we did that? I feel confident that given enough time, we CAN solve most of our problems indefinitely. It just takes hard thinking and practical science. Sadly, some problems will always be present in our span of existence, that is just life. Even science has its own evolution.
  4. Blind people see shapes too. Coming off some meds does that to you. I would think it causes stronger activity in the occupital lobe.
  5. look to the right end of the periodic table, there is a column with them. Size of the nucleus is of matter too so consider that as the element gets heavier.
  6. if you target the same receptors on the same cell, you will always produce the same side effect. You can modify the chemical structure and limit or eliminate the activity on other receptors in the the body. That is your options.
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