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  1. Wikipedia says that Universe is compound of : 70% Dark Energy + 25% Dark matter + 5% Matter (H2 + He + Neutrinos + Stars + Heavy Elem.) Where is there the: Anti-matter, Normal Energy (EM radiation, kinetics, heat,...)--- Possible included within the Matter?
  2. One thing is that time could be quantized... and another is that could exist into these small scales or sizes. How could we explain that time could exist at our scale but not into smaller scales?...Has it sense?
  3. Does exist the time at very small scales (eg Electrón or Planck scale)? If yes,...does it works in the same way of it do in Our Scale?----Does it goes quickly or slowly?...there is any existing theory about this?
  4. Escuse me...Euclid and John von Neumann: John von Neumann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Who develope the QM Geometry...after david Hilbert and Paul Dirac:
  5. What they have in common the maths models of Euclides, Newmann & Riemann? It would be possible to establish a model that would bring together the three?
  6. It seems that you have run out of words... IMay I understand that Stephen Hawking is right? Stephen Hawking gives a lot of respect but also you can contradict him.
  7. You can see for your self...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universe See attached figure !!! What do you mean?... Strong and Weak field doesn´t have radiation? What do you mean? But this is only true because if you divide ENERGY / INFINITY = 0 !!!...But not because energy desapear.... Ok...thanks
  8. Matter+Antimatter = photon (energy)... but mass desapear...then they would have positive and negative mass... What do you mean?...Is the Universe a closed system or not (withor without boundaries)?
  9. Stephen Hawking says that quantum mechanics itself is deterministic, and it is possible that the apparent indeterminacy really is because there are no particle positions and velocities, but only waves. So for Stephen Hawking, the uncertainty principle is only aparent, but not real (?)... is another way of seeing the Universe...in other scale ...were beings and laws are different!!!
  10. Wikipedia say that Universe is compound of : 70% Dark Energy + 25% Dark matter + 5% Matter Why here the energy is considered as an entity and not as a property?...how can they sume Dark Energy and Dark Matter + Matter ? It is like sume speed+car+motorbike !!! Radiation is not inside an atom?...and the weak and strong fields? If the Universe is a closed system...and the Energy desapears along the time... at the end Energy = 0?...then,what will happend with the matter and radiatios?...they will be without energy?
  11. Every thing is composed by waves and fields...also you and me...and the Earth.... Momentum = Speed ? Do You agree with me that if we had the appropriate technology, the uncertainty principle would not be so important?
  12. Yes...it is clear that only is a way of talkind Uni-verse vs Multi-verse.... Do you know what mean ATOM (a-tom)?... "not-divisible"
  13. And it is not possible to explain it in easy words and concepts? "Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and generally can be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone·. Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
  14. I never said that Energy = Matter I questined if Energy = Matter + Radiation?... What name has the sume Matter + Radiation? What happen with Einstein formula: E=mc^2....m=mass...I though MASS is a messure of MATTER Wikipedia say tha Universe is compound of : 70% Dark Energy + 25% Dark matter + 5% Matter (H2 + He + Neutrinos + Stars + Heavy Eem.)... Were is ther the radiation (EM, photons,...)?.. Within the matter? You mean that ENERGY is only a property of RADIATION and MATTER? When you say that ENERGY decrease.. where is going the losssed energy?... Does it transforms
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