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  1. glory abraham seems to be a spammer. I got this same message and a quick search online reveals other identical messages in English or Spanish.

  2. The question has answer imbeded in it. Your experience is unique and uniqueness give your the experience of life. This entire world would never exist in the first place without your existence. The other is there because you are there. One you cease to exist this experience would enter into a larger canvas and you will find the answer then. Till that time just be. Don't speculate !
  3. Friends Hi, My First attempt of " Introduction failed " So I am trying again, my name is Jakkal Age. 57. though a Science student Career Spent in Mktg and Sales. Interested in Every Aspect of Science. Hobby like to just Visit Himalaya and Trek. Metaphysics, Astrology, Astronomy I follow. Like to read, and think. Like to communicat with nature. Live in Mumbai India Regards to all
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