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  1. Hello: My favorite TV shows this season are (1) Fringe and (2) Grimm. Both are Sci-fi stuff and Fringe deals with two groups of people in different universes so you have to pay attention to what's going on. The blond FBI agent wears her hair pulled back or a long wig depending on what world she's in. There is a scientist/know-it-all father to the love interest dude who was married to the blond FBI gal and most of the time the show is about fighting bad guys intent on screwing up things ? The other TV program concerns two police Detectives in Portland,Org. where one is a "GRIMM" who can see the "Monsters" when he looks at a person because the Grimm has this power. The detective played by (?) has a friend who once was an active monster but is now retired from crimes once done and helps the police clear up crimes done by monsters dudes or monster gals. BTW....the detective's Boss is connected to a crime organization and secretly works to fowl up things. I like the program although it is fairly predictable due to similar scripts. Going back a ways, I was a big fan of "X-FILES" and most of the "STAR TREK" TV programs so I enjoy most good Sci-Fi shows. I always wanted the writer of X-Files to write another TV show but he is busy doing movie scrips or something. Rondenvers92
  2. Thanks Moontanman ! The video is very interesting ! Thanks for posting it. I have seen and heard Freidman many times but have not seen this one yet. I have not watched it completely ,but will soon. Wonder if he speaks about the MALSTROM AFB UFO and the reported 8 Minutemen going offlne (NO go condition) in 1968 when a UFO was said to hover over the site ? Another good one was the BENTWATERS AFB in England where many air force Air Police saw a UFO land and one is said to have touched it. RonDen92 EXTERNET: Thanks for sending all the FILES ! Very interesting stuff ! (I know you said that your Email was not working but maybe you can see this some way) RonDen92
  3. Hello, I have an Apple iPOD fourth generation bought new 10 or so years ago that plays music fine if it is plugged into the charger while playing and the new battery from DigiExpress in Pa. does fully charge up the battery.It's only good the for about one day. (After charging up ,iPOD is turned off and not used till next day.) DigiExpress says that being this is the 2nd battery I have sent for, if it still will only hold a charge for only one day,the trouble probably is in the electronics of my iPOD and NOT the battery. (I use the ipod for only 4 or 5 hrs.during the day charging goes on) What do you think and have any others had similar experiences with old music players such as the ipod ? RonDen92
  4. Externet : Sorry I took so long to answer,but I got your Email and I was checking on it most of the time. What I would most like to know is if the stories of UFO crashes at Roswell, and sightings at Bentwaters Air Base and others were real or not. RonDen92
  5. I read the book on my new NOOK E-reader and enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot and the photographs in the book were very clear and sharp. I will buy "KILLING KENNEDY" when it come out in the summer by the same authors. (Bill was helped by another researcher.)Bill O'Reilly's Book (I spelled his name wrong on heading.)
  6. I am RonDenvers92 and i'm new. I am interested in the mysteries of air and space and UFOs. Also enjoy my computer and drawing cartoons or trying to. Have lots of radios and music and wish Art Bell was still host of the nighttime radio show Coast to Coast. RonDen92
  7. THANKS Moontanman, I love your cartoon and the big reply. I figured there would be few comments but I was wrong. Yes, I agree that Lear and Hoagland are goofballs who say goofy things to get on the radio and to sell books. I have one of Hoagland's books filled with lots of photos supposed to show ancient cities, and domes,etc. but all I see are B&W out of focus lunar photos. I do think the story of 6 or 7 ICBM rockets supposed to have been shut down as a red UFO hovered over the complex in Wyoming in 1968 is a good story if true and that one about the mysterious UFO that was seen moving in the Bentwaters- Woodbridge Air Base in England, that landed one night in Dec.1980 and scared all that saw it. IF true this was seen and touched by one of the Air Police sent in to investigate it. It was said to be cold to the touch and seemed made of dark glass with an angular shape and odd markings along the front edge. It flew off before anyone could take a picture of it. (Before everyone carried a smart phone ?) I have the feeling I will never know if it's all BS or some of the UFOs were real. I'd love to see all the photos and radar records that they say is locked up somewhere in NORAD or the Pentagon or at Wright-Paterson Air Base.
  8. Hello. I am Ron Denvers92 and live in Houston,Texas. Interested in

    Air and Space Research, electronic gizmos ,computers and art.

  9. After years of reading books,magazines and watching videos on You Tube and all the TV shows on UFOs it seems there is nothing to prove anything. The videos of UFOs seem real or are they faked ? The crash near Roswell,New Mexico -so well researched by many..seemed real and all the sightings of space ships by airline pilots and astronauts .(One was the ww2 pilot and later Astronaut GORDON COOPER,Jr. who claimed he saw a UFO land on a runway while it was filmed by a movie camera crew. He looked at the film and it showed the UFO, then turned it over to his superiors and never heard of it again !) There are lots of other stories of odd thing that Military men have told , 60 years later because they were all ordered to keep quiet about their experiences. Now I hear John Lear and Richard Hoagland tell some amazing stuff in video interviews and books that the NASA people have a secret Space Force ,that there is mining on the far side of the Moon and we have sent men to Mars back in 1967. Hoagland has written a few books on Mars and claims he can see all kinds of ancient constructions there. John Lear is a multi-talented flyer and his Dad built the LEARJET many years ago. Does most of this sound crazy to you ? On the radio program "COAST TO COAST AM" Hoagland said the reason for a "SECRET SPACE FORCE" is to gain and keep the POWER so they will be stronger than all the rest of the world's space research people. What do you think about all this ? Ron Denvers 92
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