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  1. I would say that nothing could be seen in a 2d world because even with width and depth, no height would mean no surface. Allowing for that I thought the only way to express the circle in 2d would be on the same plane as you existed. Basicaly if you draw a circle and then view it from the edge of the paper as though you are on the same plane as the circle, you would see the circle as a line (allowing for some kind of perception without a surface).
  2. I think what your trying to say is that in 2d a circle would look like this ____ what ever angle you looked at it from. Feel free to unleash the flame if I'm wrong.
  3. The basic idea is that passing sound through the liquid causes the bubbles to first expand and then collapse. When the bubble collapses, the particles suspended in the center of the bubble in the form of vapour are smashed together and heat up. The dueterated acetone contains fusionable partcles and the experiment was set up to try and produce enough heat and pressure to cause fusion. The way to detect fusion is by detecting the neutron released as when the protons and neutrons are hammered together and fuse the new atom formed uses less neutrons. The problem is that neutron sources were used to create the bubbles and the sun is a neutron source also. So, any neutron detector will always see some neutrons in the experiment. The trick is to check for neutron release at the exact moment the light is produced. The light/neutron emission occurs over a nano second and the bubble expands and collapses many times a second so its not that easy. I know this has already been said but I thought a simple explanation of what the thread is about would help other people like me.
  4. The horizon team used a different sound frequency. There were also other things said that make me believe they altered other parts of the experiment too, but that was unclear. I would expect that the frequency would be critical. I would also expect an unbiased scientific reproduction of an experiment to be an exact reproduction. Not like oo we don't have salt so we'll use flour cause its white.

    Why do we age?

    I think reptiles like a tortoise live long because they live slow. The pituitary gland produces human growth hormones which instruct cells to reproduce and this hgh production slows as we get older. People who have taken hgh have seen effects like weight loss increased energy levels and stronger muscles. Basicaly they looked and felt younger. Add cell damage to decreased cell regeneration and you get aging. Feeding, breathing, moving and reproducing causes cell damage. Damaged cells may continue to reproduce but not perform their function properly. The pituitary gland is very small and responsible for hormone control and is very hard worked. Well thats what I think anyway but, like the avatar says "I'm from Barcalona I know nothing". P.s. the second post seems to be saying that single cell organisms are imortal if not killed by some thing deliberatley.?
  6. I think a gallery is a good idea as it will mean people can still use avatars, be a little creative and keep the site looking fresh and add some interest. I cannot put my face on till I fix my camera but, I'm still unsure about unleashing that vomit button on the world. The chain reaction could be catastophic.
  7. I just got site not responding. Sorry EDIT: I just got the same on the artificial gravity thread.
  8. I think it would be nice to see the person you are speaking to, but, it could be open to abuse. What the hell, here's one my wife took of me on my vay to verk.http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=607&stc=1
  9. I think that one would run ok to about 65 degrees c. Did you check the components in the circuit you took the chip from. If your using the same ones at the same supply volts you should be ok. Whats the circuit for.
  10. What codes are on the chip. Does it have a heat sink. How and with what did you measure the temperature.
  11. http://articles.roshd.ir/articles_folder/mohandesiScience/whe_spa/Howstuffworks%20How%20Telescopes%20Work.htm This should give you all the info you need but getting the optics you need for the money might be hard.
  12. Sorry its just a simple way of getting a picture of the field lines so you can see the change. You put paper over the magnet and put the filings on and tap the paper, the filings move to the field lines. Just thought you might like to observe the changes.
  13. I have experienced something on these lines before. I think its an alloy property. The ferrous bits may form seperated magnetic fields within the alloy and cancel each other out. Its realy wierd to see though. With only one plate the fields have to form in the one plate but with two they can repel and become stable forming a polarized field in each plate seperatley. Could you mount the magnet and glue plate in a peice of wood long side showing through the face of the wood. Then have a slot to slide in the second metal plate. You could then do an iron dust pic on paper then add the second plate from underneath and watch the patern change if that makes sense.
  14. I suppose at some point more speed will become a little pointless. Humans can only respond so fast and I think every thing else will soon strugle to keep up. But there will always be the challenge.
  15. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/solarsystem/splash.html This link takes you to a page with a nice 3D virtual tour of the solar system. You do have to down load the viscape svr plug in to run it and it requires a restart but then you can see the orbtal planes and if you click on a planet you can see the orbits of moons too, shame it takes the messing but I liked it. It may ask to use your own 3D graphics chip which worked ok for me. Hope this elps. P.S. if you get the downloading textures for the moons it seems to freeze but it just takes a bit to load up. P.PPP.P.S.S.SS A WARNING TO EPILEPTICS.Left click on space slows action to limits of program right click speedS it up to visual cortex in a blender type speeds.
  16. Thanks for the info at the end of the first post. I always used to copy paste links and could have fallen foul of that one, maybe I have already but again thanks for the heads up.
  17. I check out the index first to see if I missed anything because I'm paranoid that everyone is talking about me. Then I check new posts so I can catch them at it. How much for the bridge? EDIT: I have had no pm's. Sorry Blike I just saw the plankman bit in GD. I was just joking about the paranoid bit. But that does not mean your not all against me.
  18. The world of technology has gone mad. At this rate, another 5 years and the chips will be proccessing stuff you are going to do before you even think of doing it. At a guess the other companys probably have some thing on the board already but are just playing their cards close to their chest. Time will tell. Too cool though.
  19. But if people like us don't post here, you would not be able to show how wise and powerfull you are. An explanation of why Rootie was wrong would have been enough to enlighten though. Thats why I think a lot of people visit this site. Its an interesting subject they have not had the option to study.
  20. Fixed point any. It may be defined. Cause I want to know. I was not talking just on the rotation of the earth. You would have to inclued motion in a universal sense eg: solar orbit, galactic orbit and super galactic orbit.
  21. Dam I would have loved to have been a camp evil genius trying to take over the world who's execution and torture methods all involved some odd sexual activity. Oh well too late. Great idea can't wait to see the results.
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