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  1. A tree grows all the time and uses lots of energy to do that, and stores lots of energy in seeds. An animal or plant grown to our purposes wouldn't. Its more a question of how you would utilise the energy produced. It would probably be better to just think of producing an energy producing set of organs. Digestive, respiritory and waste removal systems with something like an electric eels shock system as an output. Feed it waste food and garden matter.
  2. This looks almost like a fosilised dragon. Does that mean it is ?. Take from here .http://www.nasm.si.edu/research/ceps/etp/mars/marsimg/mars_marineris.jpg.http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=1197&stc=1&d=1138479031
  3. If you pushed two crystals together (flat surfaces) at high pressure, then slid them along each other would you get light that way other than frictional heating ?.
  4. Its sort of like a surrealist painting but with words. Well done you just invented a new art form.
  5. I expect it could work. You would need to use liquid fuel, and the water would need to be kept to a minimum. Erm, how about expanding the fuel to use as the presure medium then burning the vapour after mixing with air to heat the fuel. Theres no big bang, just steady pressure so the motor could be made light but mega torque with an up ratio to prop.
  6. By inverter I assume you mean a device to take low volts dc and output higher volts ac. You could not build an inverter with the components you have. Also it may be hazardous to try on your own without learning a little more first. If you wish to build one now I would suggest getting a diagram then get it checked to make sure it will perform as you wish it to. Make sure the diagram lists component part numbers and the pin names. You could then build by ordering the correct parts and just follow the diagram but, you must learn enough to recognise the hazards or get help before you start construction.
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  8. Would it be possible to use multiple channel sonic comunication, then reassemble the data ?.
  9. Can you hire a large diamond tip circular saw.
  10. I thought light always traveled at light speed no matter what :s
  11. Could you just say that you are related and entitled to %100 of the money and, your solicitor will be contacting him in person about trying to con you out of %70 of your money.
  12. What type of chamber are you using ?. Could you safely heat the air and use a pump then seal it and allow it to cool ?.
  13. I don't know if windows uses common components in keyboard maps, but, you could try changing from uk english to usa english and see if your ctrl key works. Also do you have the on screen keyboard option. This may help narrow it down to a file. I don't know if you can just reinstall the maps.
  14. Yes hang him over a cliff then release him.
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