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  1. I know nothing of solvents or how they work in paint, so this is a guess at best. Could you try adding solvent to break the paint down, then use a vacum to draw the paint into rags. Use an old washing up bowl attatch a vacum to it. Fill the bowl with old rags and invert it. Wet the paint with thinners and slide the bowl over and apply vacum. You would want to allow air to leak in to the tube to keep the vapour concentration down. Completely fill the bowl with tight packed rags. Just a thought.
  2. Thats a point, when the yanks/ other groups have there meeting they will need to organise there vid link between them. We prety much got ours sorted between us.
  3. -3.50x3.28 What ever that means.
  4. ladies tend to cause accidents by not thinking how their driving affects other road users. Like stopping or changing lanes without looking so they can see a shop better. Unfortunately this type of mistake usualy results in somebody running into the back of them. The insurance companys will always blame you if you run into the rear of a car. I had an experience with a lady driver indicating to make a turn, begining to make the turn, I moved over the junction line by 30 cm, she crossed the junction line, changed her mind swang round and removed the front of my car. That turned out to be my fault too.
  5. If you move towards them very slowly and with a bit of a side to side motion, you can get to almost touch them before they will move. I think with their brains working so fast they just don't notice untill you are very close.
  6. Alcohol is actually an alien organism which, feeds on brain cells, records information, fools you into thinking you are brewing a chemical instead of breeding the organism, produces waves in the brain that mimic a pleasurable experience and then exits the body for collection from the sea. This means the aliens can know everything we know without ever having to touch us unless it is necessary.
  7. Phi for All has an avatar.
  8. Phi for All has just posted in this thread.
  9. I believe most folk think in pictures to some extent. Lots of memory training involves visualising. Objects are visualised but words like get aren't in my own personal experience. Maybe this is just an easy way for the brain to carry out tasks. Like "get in the car" is broken up into sections. The car and the image of entering the car is in the visual part of the brain and get into is in the reasoning part. A picture also paints a thousand words. How would a blind from birth person think. Maybe they would think in sounds. Deaf and blind, maybe touch sensations.
  10. Well done that man. Great idea thanks.
  11. The alternator as used in motor vehicles does not use a permanent magnet. It uses a field coil/electro magnet. This takes its supply from the battery via a regulator. In this way the regulator can control the output of the alternator by controlling the field strength available to the stator/generating coils. Some times there are two field coils which can be switched on/off individually or together. This is just another method to control the strength of the field at the stator. Hope this is an understandable explanation for you.
  12. Tuesday 28 June on the discovery channel. A program is being broadcast which will depict ideas of the types of ET life that may exist on other planets. May give you some inspiration.
  13. Could be an average amount of mass per diameter to orbital distance type of coincidense.
  14. Feurio does overburn and is free to use shareware no time limit. Needs some driver updating for IDE drives though.
  15. Because one question needs one simple answer.
  16. Just a quick thought. A rotating magnet requires no rotating contacts and will be easier to make.
  17. It has been said that the attraction is due to a similarity between the breast shape and that of the posteria. When mating this is the area of interest to most animals and so something that reminds us of this area is sexually attractive.
  18. Did they give any ideas on physical size and weight. I think any one who uses note books would love this. They seem to be restricting it to medical or space exploration, this may mean the costs are very but they also mention using current technology and production methods. Have any projections on cost been given any where. I want one.
  19. You need to shape sections and then fasten them together. A bit like this ( ========) x 4 would give a square when glued together but with curved sides. Just basicaly make your sections so they sort of fold up when joined to form the shape you want. Its a bit like designing a box on a flat peice of paper.
  20. If a DNA sequence can be obtained from a few of these samples could they be compared and a likely full good sequence be derived from that data?. Would it be possible to in some way reconstruct a good DNA sample given sections of damaged DNA and a full good sequence ?.
  21. Just some thoughts for you on the skirt. The holes in the bottom of the skirt form a cutain of fast moving air directed inwards that helps stop the air from escaping. The fingers along the bottom of the skirt help seal the skirt to the ground but should be very fine and not offer resistance. Plastic bags that are fairly robust make good skirts that are light and strong enough to deal with a small craft like this. They are also easy to cut . These things will make your craft more efficient. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=764&stc=1
  22. I think thats what most of these groups are about any way. I say why the heck not. If they are doing it we should too.
  23. Then I apologize and thank you for that explanation. I will try to be more carefull how I put things in future. Sorry to all for any confusion.
  24. Call it what you will I can't be bothered. EDIT: Sorry I did mean some one in a low risk group. The example I used was the only example I could think of at the time which would result in the circumstances where a person in a low risk group could be unwittingly exposed to a high risk situation. The use of the word weirdo may have offended some but as I have a family I find it strange that a person would put their family at risk in this way. However this is only my opinion.
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