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    Everything really. However i am geared toward marine biology, quantum theory and astrophysics.
  1. as a mechanic i totally agree with chilehed. The stresses involved with a steering rack or hydraulic steering systems is so great. you do not want to make a mistake or have a king pin snap.
  2. Thats a shame, i thought we were a bit further ahead than that. oh well ill sit on it for a few years, Thank you Oh it seems you can get Smart fabrics that emit a charge from movement, has anyone tried to put a charge through these fabrics to see what happens?
  3. Hi, I'm Mitch, AKA woppit! i am hoping to start a degree in marine biology and oceanography next year, but i am a time served 'fix all'. I live on a boat in the UK that i built myself. and have been into science in a big way for a long time. as for a particular focus? Well everything interests me so, i cant really 'pick one' cheers M
  4. Hi, im new here. i have a question. Is there a fabric or metal that will Contract and Expand with -/+ piezoelectric E? or normal DC current? I am looking at the possibility of replicating fish maneuvering ability to use for marine applications. Possible? Thanks
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