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  1. Please give me some help in that discipline, I want the name of authors, titles book etc. What is the best book about geomicrobiology?
  2. baby "loses" the antybodies from mother in 3d mounth of life after born;]
  3. Hello I'm wondering how raw food (rawism) and this style of life as reccomendend dr David Jobb could change our metabolism and biochemical profile. What do You think about it? he is 67 and looks for 45.
  4. Sometimes its looks like "armaments race" we use new antibiotics and in short time we find a bacteria which are resistance for it. The doctors sometimes give us antibiotics which are to weak to kill bacteria or we dont remembered to take all doses which are in box, it could promote a mutant strains which are resistant. After we using second-line antibiotics, third...etc. but this way is ending somewhere, and what now?... Its very big problem the same as bacteria which are muting in hospitals. We cant forget that bacteria can change between them plasmids which are coding a resistans for drugs genes. The way from creating drug to use it by human is very very long even 15 years.
  5. I saw this film also 28 weeks after:) I think that could be the hybrid. Engineering manipulation is very interesting but dangerous too. Long time ago I read a book (about conspiracy theories) that HIV its hybride leukemia limphocytes T virus HTLV (retrovirus) + inflammation brain of sheep, its hard to say its true.
  6. Ive heard about that colonization especially fire brigade which are usually first help in traffic accident. When happened something serious epidemiological investigation is conducted of course with genotyping. It was when nurse was infected newborns. In your case oportunity could be acquired, its difficult to say that it is bacteria from hospital if it isnt a typical like super bacteria. S. hominic could be even on the hospital pillow. In my country every strain of staphylococcus which is resistant for usually used antibiotics must be send to special repherence center.
  7. yeah, but maybe someone can need something;)it is still actually:)and You create artificial post:P
  8. 7 years ago I prepared a theme form my occurence about nanobacteria in kidney, it was on University in Lodz in Poland. I think that it isnt a theme from space;)that form existing but It wasnt say how looks therapy because it was a phenomen:)and it was only a short relation.
  9. I work for one year over many pathogenic bacteria including MRSA, and I think that speciall simple procedures of hygenic is enough what we can do: flame burner, rubber gloves, not touching each other glove, apron and during operation,disinfection of items that touched at work, changing gloves.There are the basic of course if we have laminar air is perfect but not necessary.
  10. hi As we known the most toxic part of LPS is Lipid A, to reduce the toxicity of lipid A, subjected to mild hydrolysis, by which it loses a phosphate group. On that way we have an adjuvant. Its safe and doing mild stimulation our immune system, this might be is used in vaccines.
  11. I think that many enzymes are responsible for this:Hydrolytic and haemolytic properties or another, I was found a site http://www.microbelibrary.org/component/resource/laboratory-test/3040-capsule-stain maybe the authors could say more, I know that there is a large variations in species Klebsiella pneumoniae and they could produce a different substances. There are proves that they could grown even in milk without fatt.
  12. hello there are many bacteria G- in our organism which are stimulate our resistance, so it happened all the time:)if will be very big dose it cause much more strong immune response, we dont know where is the limit... of course we could do many tests.
  13. hi there is an polish article about this http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11055187 I read it but they havent got any informations about that effects of therapy. This article has many details including tests on patients.
  14. I agree with jorge but what concern pH: many bacteria and fungus lives on our skin and inside us. In many times their protect us against pathogenic and give us constant stimulation for the production of antibodies Our pH in different parts of our body is a value which determinate specific bacteria. Its normaly when we take f.e.: antibiotics or another drugs it might cause that the pH balance is upset. Then another microorganisms could colonize place where normally they could not exist in that abundance. It might cause non specific infections.
  15. When You use many antibiotics bacteria could muting, it's possible also that patient could infected of mutant strain. If You have a isolat of bacteria You could send it to genetic identification. I hope that there is a lab which use PCR to identification of bacteria it will be much more easier to knew what it really is.
  16. hello In my master thesis I was work over biofilm formation of S. aureus and S. epidermidis and interaction with another bacteria like f.e. Lacidophillus or another bacteria. We usually using a chromogenic medium from BIOMERIEUX to isolation. You should visit their website:) If You want to isolate only S. aureus there is a specific medium: S. aureus ID. I think that will be good choice:)
  17. hello The symptoms looks like the infections of Salmonella or Shigella. I would prefer Salmonella because for that species is characteristic to produce the hydrogen sulfide. Of course virus infections like rothavirus is possible too or Entoamoeba but I think that is Salmonella. I work with this kind of bacteria and symptoms looks the same like in normal infections. First You should doing a swab from the anus next speciment of feaces and take to the laboratory in three consecutive days. I'm curious what will come out of research.
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