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  1. how do we explain why the force of gravity works.
  2. what about this the universes expansion is more of a probability of where matter can exsist and travel. just a thought
  3. why arent we allowed to move at light speed? we can get very close but never get there. why cant we reach absolute 0? why cant we reach the event horizon? are these somehow related why we cant reach these extremes?
  4. take this for an idea (idea that i havnt chuged the numbers on but an idea that i thought id share) ok say that you were inside an EH would you even know it? I think not because how much faster can you travel than light speed. so everything will be on a singular clock time. but the only thing is is that you would be stuck inside a glass ball that you can see and know what is happening around you outside but you cant get passed it. I got a ? where could i go to c the numbers they crunched to in theory prove the exsistance of a BH.
  5. i just thought id tell you all that you are very smart ppl to know all this stuff.
  6. liljohnak


    i think that it will be a question better answered in the future when we actually know how to control genes and alter them. Its a perfect means of living with our enviroment. cause all our exsistance is to alter our enviroment to better suit ourselves. but with this we can change ourselves to suit our enviroment. this is much more easier and more efficient. but it could also as said before cause some antimosity towards those who have these new gene enhancements. what would be even better would be biomechanical suits that did that for us. as in give us more strength or what ever
  7. its impossible even if all the resources were met because ppl need compition even if it is with is themselves. like if i had all my needs met then i would get wants and wants are endless and wasteful (as far as survival goes). but there will never be a time of contentment in our species unless we alter our mind set to just fill our needs and forget our wants.
  8. liljohnak


    because its new and uncertain it could be like the Xmen...... I call wolverine
  9. liljohnak


    what do you guys think of genetical enhancements to our race?
  10. i like that analogy its a good one.
  11. i thought light had mass because it is effected by gravity and the equation for gravity has mass of the object in it. or else light wouldnt be bent by gravity if it didnt have any mass for the gravity to act on
  12. they cant possibly know the speed of gravity because they havent calculated the mass of gravity. they have only found how fast if works on an object.
  13. that brings up an interesting point what is our inert language? what i think it is: language is the conveying of ideas and emotions so that others could understand them. i was watching a video on emotional developement and we start out with physical expressions. so i guess if we just showed are language with physical expressions with our face our whole life we would be offuly renkely...jk so why do we talk? im not sure why?
  14. liljohnak

    The Ether

    ineresting idea it does seem as though humans are connected in some sort of esp.
  15. PHILOSOPHY WOULD BE COOL!!! history if you must but im not really interstead in it
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