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  1. I'm making a small vehicle that has a steam propelled aelopile. THe aelopile spins a propellor. How much steam pressure would be needed to move around a 1kg weight about a meter or two?
  2. If tiny quiantum particles constantly blip in and out of space, do you think that possibl your universe is a blip of space? Like the big bang was the blip into space and eventually we are just goignto blip out?
  3. Yes, but would the Cl2 or the NaOH or the H2 had any charges whatsoever? Or would they all just be nuetral?
  4. How common are underwater geysers? Under what conditions do the form? Where are they most common?
  5. If one were to make a solution of NaCl and water, would it be possible to seperate the Na+ and Cl-? I would like to then see if i could somehow run the Na+ through an electric coil to make electricity, and the same with the Cl-. I am thinking this might work becuase if you put a magnet through a wire coil, it makes electricity. Possibly, instead of a magnet, i could use the charges of the Na+ and Cl- to make electricity. I first just need to know if i can seperate the Na+Cl- using magnets.
  6. Would it be possible to genetically modify a plant to grow human skin? I think that this would work as and amazing fabric, and i have been reading up oon a machine that picks fruit automatically and they are trying to make a fabric that mimics human skin because they would grasp the fruit very well.
  7. Im a little confused here though, i always though gravity was a field not a particle or a wave? I would think that if one second you are in a field and another second you are not in a field then you would instantly stop feeling the effects of the field
  8. My theory is that the universe will eventually expand to its' capacity and experiece a kind of opposite big bang, where the universe will be reduced, once again, to the size of a pea. So in theory, i guess that would mean the universe is only bound by time and not physical space, or maybe they are one in the same.
  9. I realized today that, if the sun went out immedeatly, we would still see light for 8 minutes, but the earth would go out of orbit immedeatly. This means that the force of gravity works faster than the speed of light, and therefore could possibly be used to go faster than light in a spaceship, if the force of gravity could be harnessed. Any thoughts?
  10. Possibly a set of solar sails could work.
  11. Hi, im mini and mo, and a man. No surprises, name says it all. Technology and chemistry are off the hook (in a good way) IMHO
  12. Hi, im mini and mo, and a man. No surprises, name says it all. Technology and chemistry are off the hook (in a good way) IMHO
  13. Does liquid neon retain its properties of lighting up when a charge goes through it the same way it does when it is a gas?
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