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  1. i have a quistion. when does the universe end? it cant stop, because there has to be something there. space is nothing but yet is something. its a paradox. we cannot feel space, yet we cannot see it or touch it. there is no gases in space. yet we know about it, and there is somehitng there. so if the universe goes on forever, there would be infinite items.s there would also be infinite space. one day, im gonna get in a spacship and keep going until i find out for myself. its bugging me, and my head hurts. someone help me and answer this hmm.. no posts yet. im starting to get tired, bt i c
  2. anybody know why all the THES are highlighted. im real confused about black holes. matter cant be created or destroyed. no matter what, it will exist as matter or gases or watever. but if blackholes make evertything disappear, where does the stuff go? and also, its not possible to count pla=nets or black holes. the universe goes on and on AND ON. but it cant end. there is no nothing in this world. matter cant absorb light. light is light. it cannt just disapper. the light has to go somewhere. unless, things really can disappear
  3. weird.. i dont get some of what you people say. i guess a smart sixth grader isnt enough. see you in 10 years. if we survive 2012. which we will, by my caculations. explained- -ITS NOT POSSIBLE the other thing i dont get. if the world is round why do we feel it as flat. if it was gravity, theres no way it just happened to even it out just to the be flat.' and i know, my grammer sucks
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