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  1. yeah i advise maplins to, they dont always have the stuff in stock but theyll always order it 4 u
  2. i cant really seperate my own body just 2 get @ uranium, i dont mind, just any form of it and as much as possible
  3. wots the difference between dos, and a dos emulator, they do the same things with the same codes, wots the difference? unless u wanted 2 use dos as ur primary OS
  4. yeah there will probably be some big war, but more certain is that our sun will die. part of the death process of a sun involves it explanding, our planet is close enought to our sun so that, when, in a few million years [cant remember the exact date -- but its along long way away!] the sun dies, we will die with it, if mankind has managed to escape to another planet, still inside the solar system, they will find darkness and eternal coldness, our solar system would freeze, so humans have no chance of survival unless they fly to another solar system, and at the moment, it would take soooo long to get there, you'd be dead of old age before you got anywhere near your destination!
  5. realisiticly is there a way to get some uranium, normal or isotope
  6. thnx, that website is well good, i understand MACHOs now, but surely WIMPS, no matter how small they are still reflect light, even if you needed a very powerful microscope to see them, surely it is possible, or do they absorb the light like MACHOs???
  7. in a nuke, the splitting of the atom causes the explosion and uranium causes the radiation.... so with a neutron bomb why doesnt the explosion which splits the atom and produces the neutrons make a huge explosion, what limits the size of the explosion and makes the nuclear bomb explosion so much bigger
  8. what is an actual defintion of WIMPS and MACHOS i know what they stand for, but what could they be and are there any theories of how they are compiled, because if they contained neutrons/protons/electrons, surely it would reflect EM radiation?
  9. i find all of this space stuff very interesting, however recently i was learning about some space theories, did you know that it is quite possible that in a few thousand, million or maybe billion years the entire universe could implode on itself. becuase at the moment the universe is expanding, however if there is enought mass in the universe know as the critical mass by scientists [unknown value] then using gravity all of the solar systems and galaxies will all start attracting each other and in the end the whole universe will end up how it was. if this theory is correct, then it is quite possible that this process has been happening for billions of years. alternatively, if the mass of the universe is less than the critical mass, then the universe will expand forever. however we [humans] are unlikely ever to find out the reality, as our sun will die before any of this happens... presumably that is! can anyone explain in a lot of detail about black matter or dark matter? the stuff which cant be detected but mathematically has to be there! ive read some basic stuff about it, but want more details please... thanks
  10. windows xp does actually have accessible dos, you go to the start menu, click run, and type in cmd. from there if you type: help it tells you about all sorts of different commands that one can use in that particular version of dos. also by typing the command eg. dir and adding /? it tells you about the command so: dir /? will tell you about the dir command, however by typing help you will not display ALL of the commands that your version of dos will use, the most common example is the edit command. type: edit *D:\Game.nfo* this would edit the Game.nfo file on your D drive other than that i dont actually know of any books on dos, but try searching google. do use the help command, it is how i learnt how to use dos, its very useful
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