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  1. Religious right? I don't even know what that means any more. Just the thought of the use/misuse of this term makes me cringe as if someone scrapped their fingernails on a chalk board. Can you please define this term for me in your intended context? PS: I voted for Obama and about 90% sure I will again. I absolutely do advocate violence strongly, but only as a last resort. Feet, if a viable alternative to the situation at hand, are much more efficient and safer for all parties. Science is a beautiful language of God. Lies and closed mindedness are languages of the t
  2. Thanks for the clarification Mooeyoo!
  3. This is an example the need to be careful how you interpret what you read, think, hear, say, etc. 1. a giant flood is lore in many cultlures 2. Was the whole earth flooded or some area flooded? a. Earth as in planet Earth = kadur ha'arets (כדור הארץ) earth as in soil = adamah (אדמה). For example the soil/earth from which Adam was made. earth as in land or territory = erets (ארץ) hebrew words for earth b. For example: -God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot's daughters said "there's not a man in the earth #776 Strong's Concordance (erets) to come in unto us" (Genesis 19:31) Not
  4. You ever 'TRY' to shoot a target in the leg (relatively narrow, below the horizontal plane of the shooter's arm/pistol and for a real person often rapidly shifting position)? As opposed to the preferred, much more stable, large center of mass (ie, the chest). Besides, people with holes in their leg can still kill you. That always makes for interesting cinema and TV. No cop academy, no paramilitary, military or self defense class would EVER teach that. After demanding the offender to drop his weapon fails, you aim for center of mass and shoot to kill. That is assuming that you can'
  5. Regarding the Quran,, perhaps this is what you may have been looking for (I know that I was after 9/11)? It definitely does state that Christians and Jews are to be greeted with peace. "Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians -- whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve" (2:62, 5:69). "...and nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say, 'We are Christians,' because amongst these are men devoted t
  6. maybe I don't "have to", but if it came down to a decision between some really "broken" dude seriously harming any child, my wife or a loved one, or me shooting the "broken" dude in the face, I'm gonna shoot the broken dude in the face all day, every day. I take that back. I do "have to".
  7. ? The claim that "people that believe in God are broken"? Please clarify. He can't? Why can't he? Anyway, bullets do not have free will. I think that iNow was actually correct in his choice for terminology. I (perhaps incorrectly) see broken as a metaphor for fallen. There used to be a three legged cat that lived in our barn and ate mice. Nicest cat i ever saw. I don't where she came from. I think she just moved in. Having only 3 legs, she was definitely "broken". She couldn't get away from the 'unbroken' male cats and maybe she went in heat more than most cats. I don'
  8. No one knows really. But I think that you just demonstrated that you are the type of person that needs to search for an answer to this and similar questions. How old are you by the way?
  9. Would be nice if it was possible, but impractical. You would not take the life of an individual if it was the only means possible, God forbid, to protect a child (or loved one) from imminent death at the hands of said individual?
  10. I don't believe that he made the Philistines that way. I think that they chose, through their own free will, to be that way.
  11. The issue here, as I understand it, is about people who believe in God being broken. Not some delusional higher collective I disagree that only those who believe in God are broken. My stance is simply that we are ALL broken. Anything other than that, in my opinion, is arrogant, elitist and religion bashing. Which is rampant here. Interesting site. And no doubt God did kill a lot of people, but I don't necessarily see the sin in it. Did the allies sin when they killed a bunch of Nazis?
  12. Many things seem odd at first. Like God telling the Hebrews to kill the Philistines in the land of Palestine after they left Egypt. This seems cruel. But if you read about the Philistines, they worshiped Baal. And part of the worship of Baal required sacrificing babies. God knew that this would infiltrate the Hebrews as they were an apparently wayward bunch. So he chose to have his chosen people not be influenced by this. This is the part, I believe, where parable and reality meet. The point actually is, Job did not waver and was rewarded at least 10x. In other words, you may suffer i
  13. I'm familiar with it, of course. But it doesn't change anything. It is less elegant than saying 'my girlfriend is perfect for me, she must have been made just for me'. Either way, they are both irrelevant. The chances of the mud puddle even existing are off the charts. The chances of the girlfriend existing....for you....zero.
  14. LOL. You are just going by the existing evidence. I mean by calculation?
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