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  1. Is there a rhyme or reason to the order we write molecular formulas (eg why do we write SiC instead of CSi)?
  2. I'm discussing with someone illegal immigrants and welfare. Here's my question, "do illegal immigrants currently receive welfare?" If so, please cite a source. Thanks!
  3. I think the answer is no, but I have some wax for my braces which I left exposed to the air in the bathroom. Then I cleaned part of my trumpet out, and left a rusty metal snake on top of the wax. Anyways, I rinsed off the wax under hot water, and I just want to double check that the rust can't hurt me when I use it in my mouth.
  4. Interesting. If you're 100% certain, maybe there isn't much point in discussing it I do think that we need to do more, and I don't think that we are capable of stopping it. I have a close relative who works in computer security, and he evaluates different government agencies. He is always able to patch holes, meaning that every single agency could be compromised. This is, IMO, a very real danger. Here's a link to a book you might find interesting if you haven't already read it. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/27/books/27book.html?ref=books
  5. While I'm glad to see that a mod finally got involved, I'm disappointed to not hear Phi's position, so I second iNow's post. *insert very, very sad face* IMO, the government does need more control over some aspects of these items, in order to help stop other countries from compromising our computers (including smartphones). I agree with these last two fears. I think that America is far from done, but I do think that we are mostly on a decline. If I were emperor of the US for a day, I believe that I would: -make huge cuts to our army -make huge increases in cyber spending and sec
  6. No, they follow through more than "never." A google search to show this only brought up a zillion links with Obama, so I'll paraphrase from a text that I have here, American Government, 11th edition by Wilson and Dilulio, page 256: 72% of ~1400 promises made in the platforms of the two major parties between 1944 and 1964 were implemented. Sure, this isn't individual promises, but even searching on google for "percent promises kept" reveals that a good number of Obama's promises have been kept.
  7. There's an underlying problem with this paragraph. You assume that they would give conflicting opinions. What I'm saying is that they WOULDN'T give conflicting opinions, not because the second doctor gives a faulty opinion, but because the first doctor realizes that it is in his best interest to give you what is best for you and not what might seem to be best for his wallet. Yup, because of this, the first opinion doctor would realize that he must give you his best opinion. Maybe I was misinterpreted (or maybe I mistyped earlier on). The second doctor would do everything th
  8. I saw it as relating because you go to another doctor who has no conflict of interest. Problem solved. IIRC, a hospital has a legal requirement to treat you if you are hurt.
  9. Sorry, I was a little confusing. If you have an ailment, you go to a doctor and get it diagnosed and a treatment described. Then you go to another doctor and tell him that you are only here to pay the "opinion fee" and that you want to know how he or she would treat you. You can even go to a third or fourth doctor. Does that help?
  10. If you let the prisoners choose what private (but regulated) prison they would like to serve their sentence at, I think that the prisoners will be well taken care of. What if we let prisoners vote? So people need to get second opinions from people who are paid JUST to give their opinion, but who are told that they won't be being given the patient's business (other than the opinion fee). I would think that this would lead to the second opinion doctors giving their best opinion, and eliminating the risk of not-so-great treatments given to the patients.
  11. I do see your point. I'll think about that. Yet the whole area practically dies at night, and many of the nearby businesses are just like "realtor" "bank" etc -- meaning that it doesn't seem to actually bring money via visitors to the town. It certainly added to the American reputation of wastefulness. It certainly wasn't necessary to build the ceiling so tall, was it? One can build a nice library that fits with the rest of the city without heating and cooling so many cubic feet. Like by patronizing their local Starbucks or McDonalds... or if that is too expensive, how abou
  12. True. However, is it going to help people plan ahead if the government does it for them? The other option would have been to just build the library somewhere else, where they didn't "have to" make it so fancy. This is true, and I know people who almost exclusively access the web through their library. However, those who do that could also find somewhere else to access the web, and I am sure that wouldn't be hard for most people. My experiences may be different from reality, but it seems like there are usually other places that people can meet. I 100% agree that books
  13. Quite a few. I don't know how they choose. We help them with some stuff too. Their taxes would also be less, but I see your point. I believe that their friends would help them out if it was necessary. No. The one I was referring to as already built is shown in the following links. (I couldn't figure out how to attach them properly) http://www.google.com/imgres?q=germantown+library&um=1&hl=en&client=safari&sa=N&rls=en&biw=1249&bih=617&tbm=isch&tbnid=dQjp227yzYY-pM:&imgrefurl=http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/content/libraries/BranchI
  14. That's why I'm here. No, I did not, however, they have still built a large wasteful one that could have saved (if indeed it was saving money) even more money. Except for a little debt problem. Is everyone entitled to a swimming pool? If the rich all have swimming pools, then those who can't afford them could just find a lake to use (even if we did away with the park service, I imagine lakes would still be pretty cheap to enter) and swim in it.
  15. Sorry for not replying sooner! To start with the easier stuff to respond to, with that last section of your post: from my POV, the "lesser folks" need to earn their own money to have a swimming pool membership, or rely on charitable gifts to them from richer friends. If I was rich, I'd rather give my money to someone who I saw working hard but didn't have enough for a joining a private pool, than give it to the government and have them decide who to give it to. Incidentally, a friend does share their pool with me. As to libraries, I am seeing libraries near me (maybe in other parts of th
  16. Yes, that's a little weird. Isn't it funny though, that likely you will find something in common with almost anyone you just start a conversation with, yet people are surprisingly hesitant to start talking with strangers, even when neither party is doing much else, like on a train? Yet, if your iPhone told you that you shared something with a random nearby person (according to what that assumes), you would just go and talk with them. Odd. Also, I assume almost nobody who has any degree of fame would want to sign up. For instance, many like myself would like to see all the people near
  17. I haven't spent a whole lot of time researching the different candidates, but from the reading and a few parts of some of the debates, I thought he sounded surprisingly prepared for the presidency. So, no, you aren't. Many of us want those turned private too. Yay Ron Paul!
  18. I believe places like San Francisco already do this.
  19. I don't ever remember the justice being carried out being undeserved, and even if it was, we'll be paid fairly for it in the end (e.g., murder of babies would, when God did it, presumably be an act of kindness, seeing that they'd be orphans and die anyway, and God could make it less painful for them while still sending them to heaven)
  20. The more I think about it, the more I conclude you're right.
  21. Maybe, but I expect Obama's campaign will also spend more time bashing that candidate.
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