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  1. There is 'forming groups' and there is ''holding desperately onto century-old dogma's thought up by people who didn't understand where the sun went at night'.
  2. HCl is a gas. I don't see either of these solids dissolve into it.
  3. Mud is a problem, but hair can be removed with caustic soda. Not the regular one. Do NOT use hot water in this process.
  4. Apparently you don't. If you did then you would have figured that M stands for moles/liter and that taking half a liter of solution does NOT double the amount of whatever is dissolved.
  5. So you are using an electric motor to drive an alternator. Why not charge the batteries directly and save the losses from resistance, friction and heat?
  6. If you have a few of these and know their relative position and orientation toward each other, perspective will become less of an issue.
  7. But if you are wondering if some of your molecular makeup consists of atoms which once belonged to Jeanne d' Arc, Napoleon or John F. Kennedy, then yes.
  8. How is it going to fall down again if you spent 20J to let it rise?
  9. Simple. You can do 2 things to lower the ball's density. 1) Expel mass 2) Increase the radius Both work against the hydrostatic pressure of the water column above it. So yes, the ball will rise again, but the potential energy gained is equal to the energy expanded to reduce the density. Your idea boils down to blowing up a balloon at the bottom of a swimming pool after waiting for it to drop to the bottom first. Try to blow one up under water if you ever have the opportunity.
  10. So you are gonna set up a relation based on a lie. Chicks really dig that.....
  11. "Considering how abundant oxygen and carbon are in the universe I would have to assume that the core of the Sun is made of fully degenerate metallic oxygen and metallic carbon" Any evidence of that?
  12. Um yeah that's kind of the point. The math covers the forces involved.
  13. Living forever as a result of DNA doesn't prevent you from dying from other causes.
  14. You can also condense the gases into liquids. You can easily see those.
  15. "Now why is it that none of this DNA damages is passed down to the offspring when all the DNA in all the cells are getting damaged?" Aren't they? DNA damage doesn't automatically mean the ensuing enzyme or whatever the damaged part codes for is immediately non-functional. And if it is, well, miscarriages happen quite often. Also don't forget that DNA is quite capable of repairing itself.
  16. Sure, plenty of ovum and sperm cells that simply don't work. In any case, the DNA of sperm and ovum will differ slightly from that from the parent. If these mutations will be beneficial or detrimental to the new organism is up to the environment, enter evolution.
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomerase
  18. That's an opinion, not a fact. Thanks for showing your true colors though. Because the universe magically appearing because of some magical creator for some reason does make sense. (???????)
  19. Evolution does not have a conscious so there is no ''meant''.
  20. Not necessarily. The first few bases perhaps; after that, secondary driving forces like hydrogen bridging, van der waals forces, dipole interactions, etc. become a major factor in preferring one base over the other.
  21. Is there? Science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of god. Offtopic by the way as this is moving the goal posts from discussing ID.
  22. We pass judgements on your comments, not on you. The only judgement I will make now is that you seem unable to separate yourself from whatever point you are trying to put across. As such it might be possible that any attack on your arguments is viewed as a personal attack. As for your final question. This is a discussion forum, not a soapbox. If you make claims, be prepared for people to attack them.
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