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  1. If the universe is expanding, then it can't be infinite, can it?
  2. Thanks SMF, I guess that's why they say HAARP has something to do with it, but it would seem possible that a shift that powerful could disrupt the magnetic field and give us an aurora of sorts.
  3. Well nothing is infinite. So why would space be any different?
  4. I mean everything everyone says is wrong to Swanson, so no surprise here, you tell him radioactivity causes birth defects and cancer and he'll tell you why they don't and make a smart ass comment about it too. The moderators do nothing. They WILL tell me I can't personally attack someone, just watch, the problem isn't the tsunami or nuclear power. The problem is Swanson and his relationship with the moderators on here. I asked questions about a major problem. One was answered in 15 posts.
  5. So it hasn't been more active as of late? Or has it? I have a full understanding of our limited research on the sun given the span of a stars lifetime as compared to a humans lifetime.
  6. The lack of information on this topic is staggering. For a 2nd Cherynobyl to be happening as we speak with the potential to get worse........to have this lack of info is weird, I'll check out all the pages of the other topic. I just skimmed, but I thought also with the level being raised a new thread was appropriate.
  7. I agree 100%. Are the powers that be trying to churn out dumber generations or is it just a byproduct of falsified test scores here in America?
  8. Maybe a connection between earthquakes and solar activity? I mean people make up some crazy stuff, but it seems like a weird thing to just make up.
  9. http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2011/04/13/2003500609 Video of wave: So now that we are at Level 7, What does that mean exactly? what will put this at level 8? Should we be scared to eat things from the ocean at this point? Will this have a larger effect on the environment than Cherynobyl because of it's proximity to water? Or was Cherynobyl worse because of the initial explosion? How much danger is Hawaii, Alaska, and the West coast in? How bout the east coast?
  10. what's your friend from work's number? We'd probably get along. I'm just saying.
  11. I like that it is the 3rd most popular subject, Astronomy is tops I believe. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my interests.......I feel space and it's exploration is the most important research we can do. If we could figure out a way to sustain life in space, then we could survive floating through the cosmos forever. I can only imagine trying to get a grant........they'd probably kick me out of the room........
  12. Why has there been so much activity with the sun as of lately, I live in Pennsylvania and I saw the Northern Lights earlier this year in February following one of these Coronal Mass Ejections On April 9th a fireball the size of Jupiter shot out of the sun, I have heard these are some of the most extreme mass ejections in recorded sun history?
  13. If you suggest new things on here, the very few people who do respond usually respond negatively. When you argue science fact, the moderator usually will be a douchebag and stop you, EVEN in speculations. Then they lock your topic if they don't like the direction it goes. So who really cares why you would post a new idea. What you should do according to this site is take your new idea and shove it up your own ass.
  14. I'm not saying it's orbiting, forget that.....and I know you want to downplay anything I have to say, but havent we just had 3 of the largest cornoal mass ejections in our history of recording the sun?
  15. http://beforeitsnews.com/story/544/960/Sun_Expels_Monster_Fireball_400X_Bigger_than_Jupiter:_Expected_to_Hit_Earth_April_10_11.html Um...... http://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/StreamArgumentServlet?cygnetInstanceId=172173343&argumentId=1 I just have to let the cat out of the bag even though I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I'm putting my pride aside. Some weird shit is going on with the sun, I wouldn't be writing in here if it wasnt. I get these messages from ghosts I thought, i mean maybe they're aliens, I don't know where the voices come from, but it's worth listening. I predicted 9/11. I am a seer. I had no interest in any of this a month ago. Is it any coincidence that these Coronal Mass Ejections are happening? Look at that article! It's crazy! I didn't look that up, it was on the news! I saw it and I freaked out, a Jupiter size fireball. I'm not arguing my theories anymore, that's not what this is about anymore. This is about a warning, coming through me, to more knowledgeable folks like yourselves. There is a reason for this. Believe or don't, but I think a major event is going to happen here.
  16. This video is kinda grainy but I have read many reports of lights in the sky when an earthquake appears, why might that happen? Is this HAARP, that also seems to come up a lot?
  17. Thanks so much guys. I appreciate the explanation, if I understand correctly, that's the reason a supernova occurs? Too much energy leaving the sun would cause a massive event, a supernova basically, it couldn't just roll off into orbit without that. Have less meteors/asteroids hit the earth than other planets? It certainly looks that way on a topographical map. Mercury, the moon, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and most objects have many impact craters on them, Earth does not have as many it seems. If so why? Our atmosphere protects us from being battered by objects. How off base I am. I'm also suggesting that the reason we have a unique atmosphere is our oceans.
  18. Thanks for the input Dr Rocket. If anyone has any information about scholarship programs for late bloomers let me know!
  19. I guess I can get with the theory that meteors and asteroids collided and collided and orbited each other until they collided and built up enough mass to form planets and this process is ongoing today. That all the craters on other planets kind of proves it in a way. I see that......but what about Earth? I mean why do we have a shield now and noone else does? Water? like a droplet? Do the same gases exist on the edge of a water droplet that exist on the edge of our atmosphere? and my apologies for questioning things with no real backing other than my weird thoughts, but Im new here. I still think the Earth is spinning apart and there are oceans beneath Venus. I still like my planet timeline theory. I mean its easy, basically when Earth rotates out to where Jupiter is it will be a gas giant too. And when Jupiter gets to Uranus, it's gases will freeze a bit and it will shrink. Thanks everyone.
  20. Thanks guys. It sounded crazy to me. pasta is people, toothpaste is mind control
  21. I'm interested in astronomy and planet formation. What would be my best course of action to pursue a career in that area of science? I understand that college might be a good first step, but that's not always the case. I know there are many ways to get from point A to point B. and.....I'm 34, if college was the first step, are their ways to get scholarships in the science field? I know these are broad questions, but I have a passion for this and I think I should pursue it seriously.
  22. I'm saying the core of the earth is a white dwarf, covered with plasma from the sun. I'm not saying we are a white dwarf, I know what a white dwarf is. Do we know what the core of the earth really is? No, we don't, it's more of a mystery than space. Think outside the box people. The sun can give birth to planets in any solar system at any time. TRUE The sun could explode. TRUE The earth could have a white dwarf at it's center. TRUE The planets could all be in the same line because we are a fan spinning with the sun in the middle. TRUE I could have a higher IQ than everyone on here and no one would ever know. TRUE Just going about assuming that we completely understand the solar system is a large part of the scientific communities problem.
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